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Common mistakes in interior design that you can easily avoid

by DrPrem Jagyasi

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Few small changes in the room can turn the way your room looks. Little mistakes can make the room look odd and disorganized. People must avoid those mistakes to make room look better and organized.

Below are some common mistakes that people usually make while designing their home. If you are thinking of designing your room, steering clear of these traps can help you get a better, cleaner look for your home.

Poor lighting

Lighting is a key to brighten and lighten up the room. While you are designing your room, adding proper lighting will make your room look good. Many people have big and extraordinary homes, but having poor lighting at home, they make it dull and boring. Poor lighting is one of the most common mistakes that people make while decorating their homes. You must add more windows and lights to make it brighter and beautiful. There is nothing better than natural lighting, which you can get free of cost. Avoid covering windows with drapes for whole day it will make room dull.

Trying to fit in something forcefully

When you are designing the room, you would want to add some quality products to the room. As everyone wants to make their home beautiful, they add too many things to one room. This is the biggest mistake that people often make while designing the room. Adding too many things in a room will take away the beauty of the room. It will also make room filled up with so many things. One should avoid this mistake of adding so many things to make room look good. Keep it simple, so that you can enjoy the space in the room.

Too many colors in a room

Many people make so many mistakes while designing the room that can make the room look odd. Colors are the main factor to make any house look beautiful. Sometimes people paint their room with so many colors that results are very uncomfortable space. Too many colors will make home look bad. Limit the colors, use different shades that complement each other. Using various shades of same basic color will make you r house more elegant.

Add focus of attention

Every room needs a focal point. It not only makes place more attractive but also adds some meaning to the place. One of the most common mistakes that people make while designing home is forgetting to give room some purpose. Adding focal point to the room will give people some purpose to rest their eyes on. A good room is one that attracts people’s eyes as soon as they do enter the room. The centre of attraction to any room could be a TV, mesmerizing painting, or an incredible piece of furniture.

Add furniture without measurements

It is important that you measure the room before adding some piece of furniture. Most of the people often buy things for room without even knowing the measurements of the room. It can make room look odd and uncomfortable. Always measure the room before you buy furniture for it. Oversized furniture make room look smaller also reducing the space to walk in. On the other undersized furniture will make the room more spacious. It is better if you measure the room to get the right furniture for you.

Little mistakes while designing the room can make your room dull and boring. Interior design is not always error free all the times. Sometimes, taking care of little things can make home look beautiful and better.

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