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The killer benefits that come with artificial grass installation in your lawn

by DrPrem Jagyasi

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A lot of homeowners are opting for artificial grass lawns nowadays owing to the benefits they provide over the more traditional natural grass lawns. If you are pondering about installing artificial grass in your lawn as well, here are some reasons why you should do it right away.Unchanged aesthetic appeal

Compared to a natural grass lawn that would change green, yellow and brown according to the season, an artificial grass lawn would remain green throughout the year. Artificial grass lawns also look the same for years on end, thus ensuring you a vibrant green lawn even 10-15 years after installation.

Little to no maintenance required

If maintain a lawn is not your cup of tea, then your best bet would be an artificial grass lawn that would require little to no maintenance at all. It is durable and perfect for areas that experience heavy usage. You don’t need to replace dead patches of grass. You don’t need to water the grass regularly or cut it down to size. All a synthetic grass lawn would need is a light brushing or washing once every fortnight or so to remove any dead leaves or debris that might have accumulated on the surface of the lawn.

Pet friendly

A regular complaint about homeowners is how difficult it would be to get rid of pet waste on a natural grass lawn. In addition to sticking to the grass, pet waste would create a foul odor that would make the entire lawn a ‘No Entry Zone’. However, with an artificial grass lawn, you don’t need to worry about pet litter for you can simply hose it away with some water and detergent powder.

Easy drainage

In most cases, artificial grass lawns would come with porous backing which would allow water on the surface to quickly drain away. This, in turn, would enable the artificial grass lawn to dry quicker than its natural counterpart. Fortunately, this means no more muddy, slippery areas on the lawn as well as no more muddy shoes to deal with.

Environmentally friendly

While many may argue that artificial grass lawns are in no way environmentally friendly, we beg to differ. Artificial grass lawns may not be real. However, they are in certain cases, more ecofriendly than natural grass lawns.

For instance, minimal watering would mean less amounts of water wasted in watering the lawn. Artificial lawns also do not require fertilizers or pesticides, thus cutting down on the harmful chemicals that can escape from treatments into the soil. Better yet, they would reduce the need for you to use a gas fueled lawn mower or leaf blower, thus reducing the emissions from these devices as well. All these water and electricity savings would ultimately reflect on your monthly power and water usage bills, thus helping you save a lot of money in the process.

You may have your apprehensions when opting for synthetic grass for your front lawn. Synthetic grass however, does have many advantages over traditional grass and can make your front lawn look clean and green for several years.

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