GreenIQ the garden gadget promises tender loving care for your garden

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A lot of us love to garden, but hardly find the time to do so. As a result, the garden that we raise with painstaking efforts withers over time owing to neglected care. Luckily, there is a way now for you to grow your garden without actually bothering to fuss over it every second of the day. Enter GreenIQ, an Israeli based smart garden startup that relies on nothing but a Smart Garden Hub system to grow.

Revealed at CES 2015, the GreenIQ is an automatic irrigation scheduling system which is controlled by the Smart Garden Hub which also happens to be the core of the entire product. The hub helps to control your garden’s irrigation system and schedule it according to current as well as forecasted weather patterns. Simply speaking, this means the Smart Garden Hub would monitor the weather constantly and schedule watering for the plant accordingly.

Features of the GreenIQ

The Smart Garden Hub which controls GreenIQ features among other impressive features, wireless communication facilities, real time sensors and computing powers to determine when your plants need water and when they don’t. This way, the system can reduce almost 50% of the water used in watering the plants on an everyday basis. The Smart Garden Hub also comes with an app that can be used to schedule watering schedules as well.

Advantages of Green IQ

Reduction of Water Consumption

The main aim of GreenIQ and Smart Garden Hub is to reduce the amount of water wasted in watering plants. The product works with the sole aim of making a garden smarter and its owners more connected with it while not harming the environment in any way.

The Smart Garden Hub is designed to work in response to ground and weather conditions on a real time basis. So if the weather forecast predicts showers in the next couple of hours, the hub would automatically stop the sprinklers so that no additional water is wasted in watering the plants when it is raining. What if the weather forecast was wrong? GreenIQ will simply make up for it by rescheduling another watering session in the next couple of hours instead.

Fuss Free Gardening

The GreenIQ smart garden can also be controlled wirelessly via an app on your smartphone, tablet or even a laptop. This means you don’t need to spend countless hours in the garden tending to your plants. All you need to do is activate the smart hub to schedule watering sessions at regular intervals, even if you are not at home. This way, your garden remains protected and taken care of even if you are on holiday for several weeks.

Other impressive features

In addition to the irrigation scheduling feature, the GreenIQ smart garden comes with other impressive features like garden lighting (based on sunrise and sunset) and flower power sensors to measure moisturize levels in the soil.

Current and Future Goals

At present, GreenIQ is planning on incorporating the Smart Garden Hub for home gardens. The startup has partnered with IFTTT to make it easier for home owners to control their gardens from their app, either on a manual or autopilot basis. This would, in turn, help create a smarter, more eco-friendly garden with minimum effort.

GreenIQ has already claimed to have saved over 2 million gallons of water from being wasted from gardens around the country in just a year alone. The startup has also announced plans to extending the use of the Smart Garden Hub for other area like professional gardens and plant nurseries, commercial real estate lawns, municipalities and even irrigation companies. Plans are also underway with a couple of other companies to extend the use of the Smart Garden Hub to water conservation inside the house as well.

GreenIQ is a smart garden startup that has come up with innovative solution to take care of the watering needs of plants with minimal effort as well as minimal impact on the environment. The startup’s Smart Garden Hub helps schedule watering sessions for plants based on real time ground and weather conditions, and can be controlled via a mobile app as well.

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