Add fun and frolic to your living room with a beach theme

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If you love the beach and the waterfront, a living room with the beach theme will bring joy to you. If you live next to a water body, utilizing the views will be the greatest thing in achieving the beach theme. Don’t worry if you live hundreds of miles away from the ocean, you can still get the feel on the beach in your living room.

Taking Inspiration from the Ocean

If you want your living room to remind you of the Ocean, adopt the green and blue colors first. A rug bearing the palm leaves or the palm tree is another thing you can add. Seashell cushion covers on the sofas are cool for the beach theme. Place a photo from one of your vacations on the beach in a glass vase, fill it with seashells, and a piece of art is created. Get lounge chairs made of wicker for the living room, along with beach towels and colored beverages you will feel besides the beach. Placing plants from the coastal area will add to the effect of the theme.

Increase the Views

Choose the doors that do not interrupt with the scenery. Whenever you want to enjoy the fresh breeze, the doors should not be an obstruction. Doors that are sliding, bi-fold, pocket type and any other type that would minimize when opened are best to be used. These types of doors can have louvered shutters for the privacy you need. To enhance the effect keep changing slipcovers of your sofas and chairs as per the season. There are a lot of options that you can exercise, changing colors and patterns of the covers will make a difference.

A Simple Living Room

Simple does not mean lack of decoration, instead of spending more money on the architecture focus on the view of the waterfront. The idea is to let the coast take the center stage by using single large windowpanes. Let the woodwork and decorations of the room be simple. The large window could be sliding, so that the fresh air could enchant the atmosphere. The seating arrangement could be around the view of the waterfront.

A Living Room with Lot of Prints

Your couch can have throw pillows with different prints. The inspiration could be from tribal art of any coastal theme like the starfish or the conch on the covers. Experimenting with pastel colors and these prints is another thing worth trying. The rug in the living room could help a bit in emphasizing the beach theme. Let the room have more light and fresh air through the windows, a dark colored rug will highlight the beauty of the room.

Reveal your Treasures

The pretty, little items you found while strolling on the beach could decorate your living room. Display objects like these along with your favorite books or artifacts on the shelves in the room. Pictures of you and your family playing on the beach can seat on the bookshelves. The upholstery you choose for the living room makes a huge difference in the appeal of the room. Keep in mind the beach theme and then choose the upholstery.

Mixing Styles

Be bold enough to mix different styles in the living room, especially the furniture. Traditional sofas and a contemporary table could go well. Adding canvas slipcovers in white or cream will show sophistication and be easy to clean. Placing antiques is a good idea too, even if the arrangement is modern. Antiques go well with almost any sort of arrangement.

Bring out your love for the beaches in your living room, create a beach theme with a bold style.

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