Home Furniture RoboChair mounts on the wall to become a sculpture

RoboChair mounts on the wall to become a sculpture

Combining art with functionality, designer Brad Benke has developed a creative piece of furniture that when not in use folds flat to be mounted on the wall as a sculpture. Hailed as “RoboChair,” the portable lounge chair is barely 1.5 inches thick that you can easily move from one room to another (or even in the garden) to relax in comfort.

Featuring the body finished in Baltic Birch plywood, each folding chair is tagged with a unique name and binary number which add fun to your living room furniture. The modern chair comes completely assembled which shifts from robot to chair and back within in no time. To install the folding chair, all you need to do is place the feet on the ground and lower the body to extend the tummy and lock legs as the arms move behind the hips.

To mount it on the wall, you need an additional mounting bracket that can stack up to four RoboChairs to clear the clutter from the living area for other activities. Created as an entertaining object, the displayable furniture gives a whole new dimension to the modern home decor.

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