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MoMo is here to give your living space a brand new look

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Every homeowner is now well acquainted with the concept of modular furniture. Due to scarcity of space, manufacturers have started making furniture pieces which serve more than a single purpose and enhance the décor of living spaces. Extending the modular furniture concept to a new level of expertise, MoMo offers multiple solutions in the form of book storage and deck chairs.

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It can make your balcony, portico or living room even more useful. The fast lifestyle has robbed urban dwellers of the personal space they need for learning and reading. MoMo is the perfect companion to those who enjoy solitary time immersed in reading. If there is no study or library room at home then this is the kind of modular furniture that you need.

Innovation meets convenience

Some designs are so innovative in their simplicity that they can transcend the limitations of time. MoMo is a bright example of this fact. This brilliant modular furniture can completely change your home décor and elevate the level of comfort in your interior. It has been designed painstakingly by combing a contemporary look with the brilliance of modular furniture. It is also referred to as ‘mobillario modular’.

Each of the four components of this modular furniture can be used in a different manner. Together they create a beautiful nook for reading and relaxing.

Furniture with a difference

Created by TACADI, MoMo is a combination of felt skin, copper connections and orthogonal wooden structures. The modular structure was exhibited at Diseno de raiz at Buenos Aires. Previously homeowners could perceive only one kind of furniture which could not change shape and remained immutable. That era is now past as furniture like MoMo is being crafted with skill and care to make a difference.

Utility goes hand in hand with style

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The copper connections and felt work like charm together creating a laid back elegance that will transform your home into a livelier place. The four different components of MoMo are interchangeable and can also be used separately according to the user’s convenience. The mobility and greater functionality of MoMo has added a new dynamism to home furniture concepts. The storage portion is ideal for stacking books and the table for keeping steaming cup of coffee. The deck chairs let you relax with your current read on lazy Sundays.

Merging perfection of form and structure with modular design, TACADI has designed unique furniture named MoMo which can be used in multiple ways. It is the ideal choice for upgrading the boring interior of your living space.

Source : Behance.Net

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