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The Bathsphere concept is here to change your bathing experience

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Before you go out for work and when you come back from office, twice a day you enjoy solitary time bathing in the comfort of your bathroom. However, normal bathing cubicles can never offer complete relaxation as you have to stand all the time and in most urban bathrooms there is no space for a sprawling bath tub or soaking tub.

 The Bathsphere concept

Bathsphere can be the ideal solutions to these dilemmas. It is a brand new concept that lets users enjoy bathing in utmost luxury and transports them to a world of its own. The spherical bathing space has been created according to the taste and requirements of urban dwellers who crave perfection in every aspect of life.

Why should you try Bathsphere?

The answer to this is simple, because you want to soak in luxury within the comfort of your home. The bathrooms are not just a space of utility where you clean, scrub and wash yourself. It is also a space for relaxation. Bathsphere offers both relaxation and luxury within any space of your choice. You can hang it and get inside for a completely different bathing experience. Unlike other bathing spaces it transports you to a world of relaxation and you also get to control water temperature and humidity.

The structure of Bathsphere

The big sphere like shape can be hung from the ceiling. There are channel on top for inflow of water and at the bottom for getting the water out. There is a shower in the upper portion from where water will fall on the occupant. The external and internal handrail helps the user to shift and move inside the sphere.

The best thing about the Bathsphere is that it provides the enjoyment of shower and bathtub combined together. The smart and beautiful design makes Bathsphere a great inclusion for your interior. Despite being made of glass it is sturdy and can easily bear the weight of an individual irrespective of their body weight.

Adding a new dimension to bathing

Bathsphere has been modeled after a separate earth within your home. The unique space lets users simulate rain, control the lights, sounds and even smell within the ball. You can also change the temperature to suit your mood. As it is made of glass and hangs from the ceiling you will get a sense of weightlessness which is relaxing and enthralling at the same instant.

Bathsphere is a brilliant bathing space concept which can transport one to a different world of ecstasy. It can be hung from the ceiling and lets users control temperature, play music and simulate rain.

Source : Alexander Zhukovsky │Elledecor.Com

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