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Health happiness hologram and hula-hoop

by DrPrem Jagyasi

That is not a puzzle, but the implied meaning of the name of a gadget, highly acclaimed at the Electrolux Design Lab awards this year. The name of the gadget is Q.H., which stands for Quadruple H. The four H are the same as the title of this feature.

The inspiration

The designer of the gadget is a design student from South Korea. Jeongbin Seo studying at the Hyupsung University in South Korea was eager to enter the prestigious Electrolux Design Lab competition, which made him bring forward a unique concept.

He recalled his childhood memories and gave a serious thought on what made him happy and benefitted his health. It was a hula-hoop that came across his mind. He decided to add some more elements to it, so that its significance in a household increases.

The functions

hula-hoop (1)

He designed a hula-hoop with an air purifier and also added a hologram function on the wall holder. The air purification of the gadget is inspired from the Dyson’s bladeless fan. Air enters the hula-hoop from the top through a narrow slot and exists purified from a slot at the bottom of the ring.

The second function is helping you maintain a good health, as anyone from a child to an adult can play with the hula-hoop. When used properly for several minutes the hula-hoop helps you burn a lot of calories. The option of continuing to purify the air while playing with it is present in the gadget.

To make the gadget more functional inside the home, Seo added the hologram feature to the wall holder of the gadget. The hologram function works with the help of a smart phone app. The user can project a number of preselected images on a wall, that definitely makes things interesting for children and adults.

Changing people’s lives

Seo has done his best to justify his equation for the gadget he introduced at the awards. “Q.H = Healthy + Happy + Hologram + Hula-hoop”, is the equation thought by him. According to him, his gadget can bring a revolution in changing people’s life. Apart from having fun, people can gain in health in two ways. The body gets toned from the exercise, excess weight can be lost and we get pure, pollution free air to breathe.

Out of over 1,500 entries in the competition, the Q.H. was a finalist and vastly appreciated by the visitors. Gadgets like these will soon find a place in millions of homes across the globe.

Source : ElectroluxDesignLab.Com

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