Home Furniture The $11,000 Stig Chair by Veraseri Designs

The $11,000 Stig Chair by Veraseri Designs

Inspired by “The Stig” from the famous British motoring television show Top Gear, the new Stig Chair from the house of Veraseri Designs is a piece of high performance luxury sport furniture targeted at home, office and travel charging of your personal Stig. The Stig is the racing star who tests new cars and trains celebrities in the show’s “Star in a Reasonably Priced Car” segment. Designed with green credentials in mind, The Stig Chair has been designed by Adam Krehbiel using recycled steel pipes, yellow pine, deer leather and stainless steel. There are two fast connect tube lines – one for Nitrogen out gassing and the other, a bigger one, for crude minced raw Pork.

The push-rod suspension for the seating device in order to avoid any shock to your Stig during transportation and charging, which could prove dangerous. The Stig Chair has been built to survive the extremes, as it comes coated with a special material produced and applied by the Line-X Protective Coatings Corp. The chair also has sports gel-cushioned pads done in Deer leather taken from a deer hit by the designer’s car. That’s good for the chair, but I think the designer should get some classes from The Stig.

The frame of the seating device has been crafted from 4130 alloy steel tubes, which have been recycled from the frames of a number of Nascar Stock Car crashes. Priced at $11,000, The Stig Chair simply meant for the super rich with strong eco values.

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