Common places that even clean freaks skip in their home

You probably are very hygienic and follow a strict routine in cleaning the difficult places in your house. Even then, there are places and things that you might forget to clean, here are some of them.



Definitely got you on this one! You may argue, who the hell remembers to clean a broom? Just try to remember what all you clean with the broom. Doesn’t the broom get dirty? Agreed that when you beat the broom on the floor, the dust on the bristles gets off it. Still there are germs and fine dust particles trapped inside. Take warm soapy water, wash the broom, and then beat it on the floor to get rid of the water.

Reusable grocery bags

Woman shopping in a supermarket

We ain’t throwing them after a single use, right? As the name suggests, they are reusable.In the process of being reused, they get dirty, and we don’t even notice it.Food bacteria and other germs may be clinging inside these bags. Wash them with the clothes in the washing machine. Turn them inside out so that the dirt/ germs there are washed away.

Kitchen sponges

Kitchen sponges

You need to regularly disinfect the sponge that you use in the kitchen. Even better, if you replace it. Disinfecting it will ensure that the germ build-up on it is eradicated. The easiest way is to throw it in the dishwasher. Take ¾ cup of bleach and mix it in a gallon of water, soak the sponge in the liquid for about fifteen minutes and then rinse with plain water.

Décor in the bathroom

she always washes in cold water

Bathroom is a place where bacteria spread easily and quickly. We remember to clean the bathroom but might skip cleaning the accessories in the bathroom.The glass jars, decoration pieces, mirror, toothbrush tumbler and other accessories that you have in the bathroom needs to be disinfected. Use an antiseptic to clean the accessories in your bathroom, each time you are cleaning the entire area.

Knobs and switches

Knobs and switches

We might enter the house with dirty hands and the first points of contact are the knobs and handles. Followed by the electrical switches. Bacteria from your hands spread on the handles, switches and knobs and multiply there. Make sure to clean them thoroughly to kill the germs.

Cleaning these places and things that you might have never noticed would enhance the level of hygiene in your house. You will be more confident about the sense of cleanliness in your house.

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