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7 ways to maximise the chances of selling your property

by DrPrem Jagyasi

For many people who are without a pension, the most viable retirement option is to sell off the home they have spent their working life paying for, and downsizing into a smaller property with spare cash to fund their retirement. Once the kids have moved out, many retired couples move into smaller properties. An estimated 2.5 million homes could be released into the property market if retirees chose to downsize this way. When comes to selling property, many of us find preparing a house for sale to be a daunting prospect. There are however, many simple things you can do that will not only encourage buyers, but can also increase the overall value of your property.

estimated 2.5 million homes

By improving the so-called curb appeal and increasing the quality of the space, home owners will have the opportunity to sell their property at a higher price. If you work on redecorating, and perhaps consider installing some new provisions, your home might be eligible for a remortgage plan with lower interest rates. There are useful resources available online to allow you to calculate how much you could be paying back every month.

If being unable to sell your property is standing in the way of your retirement plans, here are 7 simple ways of improving the value of your home:

Add More Light

an environmentalist holds a compact fluorescent light bulb

Potential buyers don’t want to be wandering around in darkness when they are viewing your home. Allow more light in with skylights that can be installed in dim hallways or rooms. An even simpler and eco-friendly way of brightening up your home is to install bright, energy saving lightbulbs.

Knock Down Walls

kitchen improvement (1)

Open floor plans, particularly kitchens, are currently very fashionable and are often sought by buyers for a space that is easy to entertain in. If you are able to remove any internal, non-load bearing walls within your property, you should consider the possibility of creating open plan rooms.

Install a New Door

install a new door

The front door of any property often works as the focal point of the exterior space. It is the first thing that any potential buyer will come into direct contact with if they are viewing your property, and as they say, first impressions are everything. It’s important to add a door that is decorative and attractive to allow the home to look attractive from the outside.

Make Repairs

modern kitchen room

Leaky plumbing and broken tiles on the kitchen floor can easily cause your home to lose its value. You should consider making repairs to maintain the condition of your home as this will prevent the risk of your home looking rejected to any buyers. When someone is thinking about buying a new home, they don’t want to be looking at cracks in ceiling plaster or missing bathroom tiles.

Install New Flooring

Compact and modern sleeping room

The flooring in the home is one of the main features that can affect the value of a property. Whether you choose to fit a nice new carpet or some wooden flooring, you can rest assured that potential buyers will be encouraged to make an offer.

Add Green Features

Add Green Features

More buyers are looking to purchase homes that are eco-friendly and don’t cost a lot heat during the winter months. Upgrade to Energy-Star appliances and consider installing solar panels on the roof to reduce the cost of electricity throughout the year. Even something more simple like double glazing will help to insulate your home and reduce heating bills. A big thing to boast about when people are viewing your home.

Paint the Walls

woman paints the wall roller

Many homeowners don’t realise that they can increase their home’s value simply by applying a fresh coat of paint on the walls. Using neutral colours in the home, gives potential buyers a chance to use their imagination and visualize themselves living in your home. Buyers often want a toned-down colour that isn’t bold.

By following the aforementioned steps, you will maximise the chances of selling your home and will be able to fund a long and happy retirement.

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