Tips for setting up your home theater

Going out to cinema with friends and snatching a bag of popcorns from the theater eateries is a fanciful treat for everyone. But with most of us occupied with a busy schedule, such a party occasion seldom turns out. Then there are people to whom privacy matters the most. Therefore, many people have begun to build theaters at their homes.

This was an expensive affair some time ago, but with HDTVs coming in and speakers and woofers becoming household affair, installing a home theater is no longer difficult for most of us to accomplish. Here let us see how to set up a home theater in your home:

Mark out a decent space for HDTV

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The HDTV’s do not provide the same viewing experience, if seen from different angles. So before you adjust your TV, make sure that you mount it at a point on the wall that does not hamper the viewing angle from different corners of the room.

Look for shadowed areas

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Nothing mars the viewing experience than the bad lighting. A room with window glasses all around reflecting light and bulb lights glaring sharply on the screen of the TV will make the viewing experience unpleasant. So place the TV away from these distractions to enjoy tour favorite movie or show without any interruption.

Viewing distance

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There must be an appropriate distance between the TV and the viewer. Otherwise, you will experience strain on your eyes when watching the TV for a longer duration. The ideal formula to work out the distance is – diagonal length of the TV screen x 1.5. So buy a TV that fits appropriately where you intend to place it in the room.

Right sitting arrangement

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Right sitting arrangement not just ensures the comfort but also enhances the viewing experience. A couch is the ideal choice for your home theater, but if you were watching your TV in 3D mode, then you will need a straight back chair, so that you do not lose the image due to change of position while watching.

Ideal positioning of speakers

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The ideal position of speakers is essential for a good sound that spreads in the room evenly. The distance of two speakers from the TV should be roughly half the distance between the viewer and the TV. Make sure to place them at the same level where the viewers will sit. This will optimize the listening experience on the TV.

Place subwoofers appropriately

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Quality sound enhances the whole experience of watching TV. Therefore, a good subwoofer is essential to make your home theater stand out. In addition, it is equally important that where you place them. Do not place them inside a cabinet or a place close to obstruction like sidewalls or other pieces of furniture, for it will hamper the sound quality.

Calibrating your TV

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The next best thing that you might want to try to enhance the home theater experience of your home is calibration of your TV. Look for online tutorials on the subject. All that you need is a calibration CD. You can download some of the calibrating discs online without paying even a single penny.

It is essential to realize that your home is not a movie theater; therefore, treat it accordingly. With small adjustments at home, you can easily enhance the whole act of watching your HDTV.

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