Unique and interesting bachelor pad room designing ideas

Bachelorhood has its own charm, as you have little responsibility towards anyone, need not to reason out with anyone and can have a delectable experience of being free from answerability. This automatically translates into an individual enjoying the liberty in designing his room in accordance with his own choice. Here Dr Prem Jagyasi and team has listed some unique and interesting ideas to let bachelors help design their room in a minimalist and unpretentious way.

Create a functional room

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Whenever you do, design or redesign your room, design the place in a functional and practical manner. It should serve the needs of the occupant well. You should space the room in a way that it provides adequate room for all your goodies and gadgets, while giving you the scope to carry out your indoor activities with comfort and convenience.

Keep away things that you do not need

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Do not add unnecessary decorative motifs and other furniture in the room that barely link with your daily needs. Try to stick to the basics. A wall poster of your favorite sportsperson or actor is ok, but masking walls with excessive items will suffocate the interiors of the room and render it an untidy look.

Theme based decor

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Despite the functionality you desire, thematically designed room will make the interiors more lively and livable. You can decide on any theme, ranging from your personal hobbies and your professional pursuits to your youth icon. This way your room will have the signature of your style.

Utilitarian furniture

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Utilitarian furniture best suits needs of the youth. You do not have to satisfy yourself with all that chunky, repulsive furniture in your room. The market is full of sleek and stylish furniture that you can choose from. Remember that utility, space and comfort should be the three determining factors in your mind while shopping for furniture. Prefer low-seated crouches and sofas for the room. A walk in closet to keep all your clothes is another option you can add to your room.

Chose plain and simple furniture

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A bachelor seldom finds time to clean the room, or he cares about it. Therefore, the furniture, curtain and drapery in his room should be sleek, simple and easy to maintain. No elaborately carved or textured furniture should find way into his room. Moreover, items like fishing tank, plants and pots are unnecessary addition to a bachelor’s room.

Keep positive energies afloat in the room

Wooden recessed ceiling

Try to design the room in a way that positive energies pass around in the room. For this, you need not to experiment with therapeutic interior styles like Fengshui and Vastu. Just eliminate all those things that are distracting and dreary. Try to create a coherent and harmonic living space.

Negative things like posters of ghostly spirits and violent and even racial movements in the history tend to attract the attention of the bachelors, as they are considered as expression of manliness. Anything distracting and disturbing should be away from the room. In addition, a soothing color scheme should be preferred in the room.

Make best use of vertical space

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Individual rooms of bachelors often cramp for space. So use the vertical space in the room to your advantage. This will be particularly advantageous, if the room has an exceptionally high ceiling. Floating cabinets, double-tiered beds and high shelves will provide more storage space for bachelors.

Carefree life of bachelors usually turns into a chaotic lifestyle. However, they too can create a neat and elegant living space with little attention and by following some simple yet functional ideas to live with style and comfort.

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