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Smiling bookcase greets you with a cheerful face

People usually feel bored in a single person apartment when they are alone at home. Adding fun to the bleak life of the occupant, designer Seung Han Lee has come up with a unique and innovative piece of furniture that greets you with a smiling face. Made using recycled materials, such as scrap wood, the smiling bookcase represents a strong identity to strengthen the enchanting feelings.

Attaching the recycled scrap wood with colorful plastic resin, the sustainable bookcase makes use of vibrant colors to lift the mood or spirit of the user. The bookcase not only offers ample space to organize all the clutter in the home, but also provides a seat to place you, though not in much comfort, to go through books and magazines.

Featuring a flexible design, the creative bookcase lets the user change its shape to meet their personal needs and color patterns according to the mood. Presenting a fragmentary design to create a “shabby chic” effect, the Smiling bookcase is sure to bring smiles all around, as it apart from being functional also helps in sustaining the environment.

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