Collapse lamp by Hayo Gebauer falls down when turned off!

When it comes to unique lighting solutions, designers are always trying to create something that’s different in one way or the other. We have seen some amazing lighting fixtures before and the newest with us is the Collapse lamp by German designer Hayo Gebauer. This stunning piece of lighting falls over when you turn it off. The lamp exploits a mechanism of a wobbling figure and bends beautifully when not in use. A card placed through the loose wooden components lets the base hold them in upright position under tension. After the cord is released, the foam’s weight brings down the lamp.

In the upright position, the cord is kept intact to complete the circuit to light up the lamp. The cable’s ball features a feeler that closes the circuit. The materials used to make the Collapse lamp are steel, wood, foam and a halogen bulb.

Via: Dezeen

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