Are pest control products safe around humans?

Discovering you have a pest problem in your home is never a pleasant experience. It can be quite tempting to just try and ignore it and hope it goes away by itself – this is certainly not a good idea. If you have a pest problem on your property, then you should not hesitate to get expert help to rid your home of the pests.

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One reason that people can be reluctant to call a Lubbock pest control service for help is that they think the products they use may be harmful to humans. These products are in fact safe, as long as you do as instructed by the pest control team.

What to do before pest extermination?

Spiders love to hide

If the kitchen of your home is being treated for pests you should empty the cupboards, cover the items you have removed and store them in another part of your home. It is also a good idea to clean the cupboards as this removes any food debris which may reduce the effectiveness of baits that are placed by the exterminators.

If your home is being treated for a spider infestation, then cleaning may not be a good idea as any webs should be left intact. It’s important to note that you should make sure that the pest control experts have easy access to all the areas they need to treat; this may involve removing or moving furniture.

Should you evacuate your home during the extermination process?

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You should always remember that exterminators are experts in using pest control products so there is no danger to you or your family as long as you follow the advice of the experts. Once the surfaces of your home have been treated, they should not be touched until they are dry; this usually takes 2-4 hours.

You will probably be advised to remain in another part of the property while this drying takes place. If there are any children living in the property, any pregnant women or anyone with breathing difficulties, they will likely be advised to remain outside the property while the surfaces dry; this also applies to pets.

One pet that it can be difficult to remove from your home is fish in a tank. Any fish tanks that have to remain in an area which is being treated should be completely covered and sealed. The pump should be switched off during the treatment and the drying period. If this period is prolonged you will need to arrange a method of filtering air from outside your home into the tank.

Pest control products are safe to be used around you and your family as long as you take reasonable precautions and stick to instructions from the pest control experts. You should never be concerned about having pest control work carried out; especially when you consider the faeces and urine of pests can present a health risk to the people living in your home.

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