Futuristic iScream makes two different ice-cream flavors at same time

Do you love the art of making ice cream? Not only eating, but preparing ice cream in itself is a delightful task. But in between collecting colorful ingredients and enjoying the flavors of chilled ice cream, there lies a painful part – whereone needs to keep churning the ice cream every few minutes for hours. Obviously, in today’s busy work schedule people don’t have enough time to wait for so long. Here enters the electronic ice cream maker of the future, iScream.

What so special about iScream?

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Although there are various electronic ice cream makers available in the market for taking away the physical labor, but these models don’t solve the problem of having to sit around the kitchen for hours. On the other hand, iScream is a smartphone-controlled device that can be used from any corner of your house with ease.

Your physical presence is not really required in the kitchen. You can handle other chores while this smart ice cream maker will keep an eye on the entire preparation procedure. Plus, the companion mobile app can itself play, pause or auto-churn the machine.

How does it work?

To use the device, you need to keep its freezer unit is in the refrigerator’s freezer overnight. In the morning put it in the machine, while adding required ingredients for your favorite flavored ice cream. iScream further mixes and cools them, and if it’s connected to a smartphone, it continuessending you updates about the completer processing.

When connected to your smartphone via mobile app, you can easily manage speed of paddles and also control consistency as well as texture of the ice cream. The app also enables you to search for various delicious recipes through the internet.

Double flavor bowl

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The best thing about iScream is that it can make two flavors at once, which makes it stand out from rest of the electronic ice cream makers in the market. Using this single bowl, one can make two separate flavored ice creams at the same time. Furthermore, the smart ice cream maker can even manage intensity of flavor. This will surely save your lot of time in the kitchen and also keep your loved ones happy.

iScream is not just an ordinary electronic ice-cream maker, but it offers more than that. This smart device is more like an art of dairy churning mixed with new age technology.

Source : Kickstarter.Com

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