Things every room needs to make it ‘complete’

Everyone has their own taste and ideas when it comes to room decoration and redesigning. Butno matter what your preferenceor style, adding accessories gives you freedom to add personality without redecorating the entire room.

Adding few accessories not just offers afresh look to the interiors but also helps in valorizing the interiors of the room and the home. You can add seasonal accessories or artifacts for display and change the tone of the room. Here are simple things and accessories that every room should have in order to feel complete and make the place comfortable for stay.

Window treatment

Style up your bay window (5)

Adding a new set of curtains can give any old room a completely new and contemporary makeover. Draping curtains add to the room’s privacy and can leave a timeless impression on the room’s look. Vibrant and colorful curtains bring a new kind of playfulness to the room. Plain shades on the other hand can make a dark and small room look slightly spacious. Room can become cozy and confined with curtains that wouldn’t permit natural light in, especially when you don’t require it.

Indoor plants

Indoor plants

I know a few people who advocate against having plants in the room. But I personally believe the natural greenery of the plants in the room can add to the décor of the room. Having plants in the room have been linked with health benefits too. Plants can purify the air in the room and can also help improve your sleep pattern. It is advisable then to spend on various kinds of indoor plants in contrast to spending huge amount of cash on fancy room purifiers, air fresheners etc. Having plants such asJasmine, Lavender, Aloe Vera, Peace Lily and English Ivy in the room can help keep the air fresh and add to your healthy lifestyle.

Lighting is so awesome

Recessed Lighting 2

Lighting plays a very crucial aspect in any living room’s setting. A good living room is one that supports different kinds of light, set at different levels but all working together to present and make the room warm and attractive.Good lighting gives a room perfect ambiance and illuminates the house in a positive way. Appropriate lightning brings out the best of the room and helps make the home more positive and healthy for inhabitants.These days’ energy efficient light bulbs and other such efficient lighting system are available in the market, which allow you to light up the house without adding to your electricity bills.

Artwork for the room


Artworks on a table or on the walls add character to you room. These also exhibit your choice and mood. Pieces of artwork in the room are good conversation starters, guest at home can get attracted to a particular artwork and the conversation can be of mutual interest. Placing the artwork is a tricky affair – you need to be extra cautious of which piece of art can look good where.

This is important because placing artworks appropriately can help transform the room for good. There is no hard and fast rule as to which kind of art work goes where. Allow you creative side to flow and see what is correct for where. Pick artworks that go well with your personality, furniture or the color of the walls.

No home is complete without its rooms looking their best. A personal touch and some accessories in every room can add that Midas touch your room has been missing. Accessorizing your home brings out your creative side and its helps in adding warmth to the home décor.

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