Home Furniture Protect your furniture with proper products and increase their life

Protect your furniture with proper products and increase their life

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Empty houses are converted into lovely homes not only with people who live there but also with furniture and furnishings they use. Each place in a home has its own set of furniture. For example, living room has sofa sets, center tables, show cases and display units and bed room has cots and beds, wardrobes and dressing table. Kitchen may have center islands, chest of drawers, cup boards, cabinets and stools whereasdining room has dining tables and chairs.

In the past, people used wooden furniture in large quantity. However, due to forest conservation, usage of wooden furniture has decreased and people are encouraged to use furniture made of metal, glass, fiber and plastic.Whatever material they are, they must be taken care of properly to retain their fresh look and long life. For this they can be cared by Guardian Protection products.

Products for wooden furniture

wooden furniture

Various products of Bee Wax help the wooden surface shiny and beautiful. They remove the dull old look and produce beautiful fresh and shining look. The color also will become darker. Moreover, wax is nutritious to the wood. Wood cleaner is meant for degreasing and cleaning the indoor wooden surface. This can be used in combination with sand paper applying very light pressure.

Apply wood polish to get the best shiny surface. This can be used for all types of wood. It automatically removes scratches. The surface becomes lacquered with protective wax membrane. White pigmented oil is used for untreated wood.

Products for Leather


Leather furniture is another kind of product that needs constant maintenance. Spillages must be cleaned immediately with the help of leather cleaners. They will absorb the moisture and protect the material. Leather will develop cracks on its surface in due course if it is not maintained clean.

Leather care kit is available as a single package containing a conditioner and a cleaner along with sponges. Use these quite often and maintain clean leather furniture to get that new beautiful supple look that can instantly produce grandeur. All this is necessary because leather is very sensitive like your skin.

Products for Textile


Textile and microfiber cleaner is the most used product for cleaning the clothes, curtains, upholstery materials, carpets and rugs. When applied it cleans the entire textile layers deep and keep the surface clean from bacteria and virus accumulation. The look of the cleaned textile is always great. However, they accumulate dust and dirt over the period and become old in look, demanding cleaning.

Another most important product is the fire protection spray. It uses carbon dioxide. After cleaning the spillages and other stains, this spray can be applied from a distance of about 20 cm. You can apply this on curtains, furniture, theatre costume materials, cardboard, paper, artificial flowers, Christmas trees, wreaths and carpets. This layer is useful to protect the textile and other material from spreading up fire due to environmental accidents.

Thus it is not sufficient to buy costly furniture but you need to enroll on the suitable protection plan for proper maintenance.

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