Makeup mirror by MUID team doubles up as LED Table lamp

Do you often have to rush to a restroom or a bedroom every time for makeup touchup? Not anymore, MUID team has brought a handy solution for your inner fashionista in form of three-in-one LED Makeup Mirror Table Lamp. It is a portable table lamp that also serves as a handy makeup mirror, whereas base of the lamp acts as a storage shelf for your makeup items or other personal belongings.  It is truly the best lamp mirror design that any women could wish for.


Installation of the device is quite simple- all you need to do is fix the lamp head-cum-mirror on its base stand and your device is all set to serve multiple functions. Unlike other artful lamp designs, this one-of-a-kind lamp mirror is designed to meet needs and demands of any modern girl. The background light provides perfect illumination for you to see and apply your makeup, so you can walk out that door confidently.

Mirror Mode

Makeup mirror by MUID team (1)

Mirror is the highlight of this light fixture and offers two portions of lighting. The first one ismirror lighting shade to provide sufficient light around the mirror while applying makeup. On the other hand, the second one is conventional desk lamp lighting to brighten up your work desk, bedside table or any other side table in your living space. To switch between two different modes of lighting is quite easy- just by pressing the switch present on the lamp head. Even brightness and intensity of the lighting can be adjusted, depending on the type of light you want: whether mirror light or lamp light.

Lamp Mode

On turning the lamp state on, bright 2800- 3200 K warm yellow lighting is produced to form cozy ambiance. Meanwhile intensity of the light can also be changed and altered as per your mood. The lamp is powered by 1200 mAh lithium polymer battery, which can provide up to four hours service time.  Due to its portable design structure, the lamp can be taken anywhere you want. In addition of the lighting facility, the lamp base can even be used as storage tray for your makeup accessories.

It is a handy device for any working women. Using this elegant LED table lamp, you can do quick makeup touchups before stepping out of your home or office.

Source : Infmetry.Com

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