T2 minimalist LED lamp presents a unique combination of form and functionality

Utility combined with art becomes an enthralling experience for users. The T2 is a LED lamp that presents an aesthetic design to entice the user.

The inspiration

The T2 is the creation of the renowned design studio Artzavod. If you are familiar with the works of this studio, you would know their love for natural elements, especially wood. With the T2, the studiohas added more eco-friendly elements to make the lamp look more ergonomic and appealing.The unanimous choice of designers for the T2 was ash wood, which is known for its appealing texture, good densityand is perfect for making table lamps.

Using latest technology

T2 minimalist LED lamp 1

In addition to impeccable design, the minimalist table lamp also features superior technology, which makes it highly functional. The LED lights used in the lamp are super bright and will last for decades. Yes, you read it right,as the average life expectancy of the LEDs used in the T2 is 30,000 hours. If you use the lamp for an average duration of three hours in a day, they would not burn out until the next 27 years.

They just consume 2 watts of power and throw an illumination of 530 Lux. That is what you call efficiency, isn’t it? You can use the lamp comfortably at you home and office. Along with brightness, the T2 emits warmth as well, as the light thrown by it is 3000Kwarm.

The design

Talking about the studios’ fascination for wood, the connector of the lamp is a custom designed wooden connector. The USB 2.0 connector of the lamp can be connected to a PC, a laptop, or any other electronic equipment with a USB port.

The USB cord of the T2 is 1.5 m for easy connectivity and keeping the lamp at a distance. The cord pretty much compliments the design, as it is available in four colors. You can choose between, green, red, yellow and blue for the USB cord of the T2. There is even a leather cord organizer with a metal button, to fold and hold the cord. The entire piece of wonder weighs a little less than 1.8 pounds.

The T2 is a table lamp to captivate the heart of the user. Flaunting a unique design, you would regard it as an essential gadget for your desk.

Source : Behance.Net

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