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Here’s why your dream of a fireplace in the home is a good idea

by DrPrem Jagyasi

You do not have a fireplace yet but you are somewhat planning to have one soon. Then what is it that is stopping you, as there is a lot you are missing by not having one in your home. Besides making your home an energy efficient place, it brings with itself a wide assortment of other benefits as well. Here is a rundown on some of them:

Enhanced Interior Design

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Fireplaces have something warm and welcoming about them, which add a certain charm and appeal to an interior decoration. They look good all year round though, but their importance and beauty amps up with the onset of winter months. We look forward to sit around and bask in its light and warmth. There are ample of beautiful and elegant fireplace designs you can choose from, which suits your taste and your home’s interior décor.


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Gone are the days when lighting fire in a fireplace was a task. These days, everything is just so convenient. You can go for a gas fireplace that requires you to hit a button on a remote control to light a fire. No need to buy wood, stack it and then struggling to get away with that campfire smell indoors. You just need to relax and enjoy the fire. However, if you are still in love with wood fireplaces, you will be happy to know that even they also are quite convenient to use these days.

Add the much-coveted tone to the environment

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No matter what style and type of home you own, a fireplace helps add that much desired natural element to it. They add a rustic charm to a home, which many homeowners simply fall for. Sitting around chatting, reading or simply enjoying the company of your partner amidst the sight and sound of woods burning in a fireplace is certainly a heavenly, calming and a relaxing sensation.

A dreamy escape

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We all desire to add at least a one feature to our dream home that could serve as a dreamy escape, especially for the lovebirds. A fireplace is downright one of the most romantic settings in an entire home. Sitting in front of it with your beloved, sipping wine and cuddling each other can get things started.

This does not mean that you can enjoy such romance in the air only when it is cold outside. These days, many electrical units come with a setting that allows one to enjoy the flickering flame and glowing logs without producing any heat. This means, you can enjoy the romantic fireplace setting even if the weather is hot outside.

Lower utility bills

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Fireplaces installed in homes works wonders to save on electricity bills. They work efficiently to take place of indoor heating systems and their escalating costs. You can pick one of the many options available that are more energy efficient. In fact, no matter which style of fireplace you choose, you will end up saving a lot of money in the long run in comparison to the other indoor heating devices in use. Fireplaces keep heat bottled up inside for long, thus keeping a room warm for many hours altogether.

Eco-friendly heating

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Wood burning appliances such as fireplaces today are incredibly energy efficient. They produce plenty of heat using fewer amounts of fossil fuels or other energy supplies. Some even come with a capacity to distribute heat all around the house with the help of ductwork. Using smart technology, some wood burning fireplaces are so good today that they qualify as smokeless heat sources because they produce such small amount of emissions.

Adding a fireplace to a home is a beneficial decision for a homeowner. It reduces heating bills; add a rustic charm to an interior decoration, increases value of a home and much more.

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