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Smart ideas to use technology to de clutter your home

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Technology is there to make our lives happy and convenient. However, we cannot deny the fact that technology at times demands one spending quite a lot of time and efforts to get the hang of it and it is expensive too. But keeping in minds its countless benefits, doing all this seems worth. Using technology, we stay connected to our dear ones far away from us, solve complex problems of our lives, save our time and can use it for a plethora of other things including home decluttering. Here is how:

The shoes in your closet

Shoes Closet App

Your penchant for collecting shoes has brought you and your shoes closet to a point that it is overfilled and you don’t even know what all is there inside. You take out some time to organize your closet only to find it in a disheveled position again after a few days. Why do you deal with such mess when you can make things quite controlled with a Shoes Closet App?

It will enable you to create categories for all your shoes and save pictures on your Smartphone. Every morning while getting ready, you simply have to see those photographs to keep a track of your collection, rather than struggling hard to get your hands on the pair you desire to wear.

Rely on e-Books


You are an avid reader and you are in search of ways to make your home a tidier abode. Probably, your massive book collection is giving your home a cramped up feel and look. The ideal way is to switch your book collection to a digital one. You need not get rid of all your books but you can always trim it down and have its e-book version with you. Unlike books, you can carry with you numerous e-books wherever you go and you will never again feel dearth of space in your home.



You have numerous CD bags taking a lot of shelf space in rooms. They look messy and are hard to maintain, so replace them with smart MP3 players. They are compatible with almost every audio system, store approximately 1,500 songs and are small, so no worries regarding the space they will take.

Going wireless is the key


Cords and wires all over make a home appear untidy and cluttered. Besides looking messy, they are dangerous, as they can easily make someone trip over. The best solution here is to go wireless. For example, you can go for a wireless printer, a wireless audio soundbar and more. For some others, you can also purchase efficient cord organizers.


Managing receipts demands precision and it accounts for a great deal of clutter at home. You can get away with the clutter of receipts by going digital. You can store them digitally with the help of an app such as Digital Receipts. Scan it with your phone’s camera to save it on the app on your phone.


 Adobe Photoshop

Physical photos in collages or in photo albums look good but only a few of them. You cannot have every physical photograph of yours and your family, as it looks no less than a mess. Fortunately, you can manage to keep safe all your photographs without making your home messy with the help of simple software such as Adobe Photoshop Elements and many more.



Sticky-notes have had their good time and now they appear downright messy stuck here and there in a home. You can get the hang of latest technologies such as Evernote that are far more effective than sticky-notes and they do not add to your home clutter.

Thanks to the state-of-the-art technologies at our disposal today that home decluttering is not at all tough. All it takes is to get used to using newfound technologies.

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