Handy tips that get you awesome wall accents for your home

The accent wall is one of the best ways to create an impactful room. They definitely add more substance to your space and make your walls look a lot more creative. If you want to break free from a mundane looking home, go in for accent walls. Here are different ways of creating an accent wall

  1. Go in for some darker shades

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Against the lighter shade wall go in for a brighter and darker shade. You can opt for shades of charcoal or navy blue etc. If you like, you can even opt for black. But if you feel that will look dull then one of the simplest ways is to colour all the walls except one with a light colour and then the accent wall paint it up with the darker shade of the same colour.

  1. Go graphical

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Instead of a plain accent wall, you can add a little design. You can go in for stripes like black and white or dark blue and light blue etc. You can also create a brick pattern or maybe even block like design which will make the walls look unique.

  1. Make use of wallpaper

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One of the easiest but effective ways of creating an accent wall is by using wallpaper for that wall and colour for the remaining walls. You can select wallpaper with intricate designs like floral designs or you can make use of wallpapers of different finishing like velvet finish etc.

  1. Go bold

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If you want to look truly different then let your accent wall be a declaration for the same. You can have a huge world map on the accent wall or a huge family portrait or maybe even a collage of different pictures which will make your wall look wonderful and unique.

  1. Use of different materials

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You can make use of different materials for the accent wall. You can go in for wood pellets or wooden blocks for that woody look. You can also make use of different stones like marble for the accent wall. You can also opt for tiles with different designs like geometric designs etc. Some people even go in for cane work which looks unique and cool.

You can make use of different ways and means of creating an accent wall. Creation of a unique accent wall is fairly easy. All you need is a little innovative way of thinking.

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