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Add a fine touch to your home with tinted mirror decoration

by DrPrem Jagyasi

We want our homes to look the best. One of the most important aspects of the home is that your home has to be decorated uniquely. You need to come up with some innovative ideas to make this possible. Use of tinted mirrors is one of the best ways to decorate your home uniquely.

Types of tinted mirrors

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There are different types of tinted mirrors that can be used based on your requirement.

  • Tinted mirrors come in different sizes right from large to small ones. You can select a combination of different sized tinted mirrors.
  • There are different shapes in which these tinted mirrors are available like round shape or oval shaped , square, hexagon etc
  • There are different tints from which one chooses like rose tinted or the aqua ones or even black. There are also some mirrors which have good finishing and blackened edges.
  • There are not just conventionally designed tinted mirrors. You can get different designed tinted mirrors like floral design or honey-comb design which are unique and lovely.

How to decorate your home with a tinted mirror?

You can make use of some innovative ways to decorate your house with these mirrors

  • Use conventionally shaped mirrors of small size to adorn the walls of the living room. You can match it up with glass accessories like a vase on the side table or a tinted glass centre table etc.
  • In the bedroom, you can have a large tinted mirror on the wall behind your bed. This looks classy.
  • You can have a family portrait on the wall and surround it with colourful tinted mirrors.
  • You can use different shaped mirrors in the kitchen. This will also make your kitchen look more bright and large.
  • Tinted mirrors can also be used in the bathrooms. A tinted mirror on the wall in the bathroom not only looks sleek but also makes the bathroom look spacious.

Tips to use tinted mirrors

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One of the most important tips while using tinted mirrors to decorate your home is to use customised designs. Just do not copy someone else. Take into account the type of tinted mirrors that will suit your budget and style.

Tinted mirrors surely make your homes look a class apart. While using tinted mirrors,consider the mirror type and requirement. There are several customized varieties of tinted mirrors from which one can select the one which suits their liking.

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