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Some simple yet highly effective methods for efficient Rodent Control

by DrPrem Jagyasi

In case you are witnessing a rodent infestation in your home, it is in your best interest to solve this problem right now. There are people who keep rodents as pets, but truth is that rats and mice can cause significant damage to our homes. What is even worse is that these rodents carry different diseases that can lead to even death in humans and animals.

In cases of relatively small infestations, you may have a chance to solve the issue with the help of one or few commercial rodent control products. However, when it comes to large infestations, it is a smart move to look for professional pest control company. Finding local rodent control service providers is now easier than ever thanks to the Internet. Simply put your location in the web search query and check the results. So, in case you live in Toronto, you can use this search term – rodent control Toronto.

Experienced and knowledgeable professionals in rodent extermination have all the necessary products, methods, training and experience to solve your rodent issue, be it small or large. In many cases, these companies use organic or safe products and methods to make sure that your home remains healthy and safe once they live. Now here are a few methods for efficient rodent control.


As we all know, it is always better to prevent it than to heal it. The vast majority of rodent control service providers present useful information on their official sites about the best prevention against rodent infestations. Keep in mind that rats and mice can penetrate your home from very small holes and cracks, so sealing these holes with special sealants and/or steel wool should be your top priority if you want to keep rodents out. Storing pet food in the right way and taking care of your food is another smart idea.

You should also keep the garbage sealed and throw it away on a regular basis. Finally, keep your home neat and clean. Don’t forget that there are some rodents that love to create homes in the garden and in the attics, so keep these places clean too. It is good to know that many rodents can use the branches of trees to climb to your home, so trim these branches.

Using traps

If you perform research, you’ll notice that there are many different rodent traps in the market, but the most popular one is the bait trap. In addition to this trap, you can try the latest electronic traps. This approach is good if you think that you have one or two rats or mice in your home.


There are special poisons for killing rodents known as rodenticides. Use these poisons carefully because they are harmful to humans too. Stay away from them if you have small children in your home.

Professional rodent control companies

In case you are dealing with a long-term rodent infestation or an infestation of dangerous rodents, the best option is to call a professional rodent control service. Their trained and qualified team will visit your home and do their best to protect you. They are using the most efficient methods for capturing and removing pests.

Whenever you notice signs of large rodent infestation, don’t waste your time and call a professional rodent control company.

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