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Simple DIY cable and cord organizers for cutting the mess of wires

by DrPrem Jagyasi

The technology advancement has certainly made our lives simpler but it is equally true that the gadget we buy have wires and which if gets messed up can be pretty annoying. For this, you should either buy a good cord organizer or prepare your own cable organizer for the uncluttered spaces.

There are times when a hanging charging cord or the adapter may look ugly or you want to hide the inconvenient cord soup. But you can organize it in a better way by your own ideas. This will help you to maintain your gadget easily and also this gives you the best way to de clutter your home in the best possible manner.

Cord organizers with ribbon Boxes:


This is the simplest way of creating a cable and cord organizer. In fact, it is one of the best home de-cluttering ideas that you can think of. For this you just need a computer surge protector, 1 X-Acto knife, 10 1/2″x8″x6″ cardboard Memory Dock box, silver oval bookplates and mini-brads. Remember although cardboard photo boxes are out of fashion but it helps to manage the cords and cables in a better manner. You can keep it anywhere as it does not need any sort of maintenance.

Toilet Paper Rolls Custom Cord-Storage Box


You can make another great use of toilet papers for creating interesting cord storage for your cables and cord management. You can hang it anywhere as it is light in weight. You can us the toilet paper tubes for making errant extension cords. It comes with the right width and length which is required for organizing the cord. The good part of using such type of box is to get rid of the tangles that are likely to happen. In case you don’t have cardboard tubes of toilet paper, PVC pipes are another option.

Make a Fashionable Cords Organizer


If you tend to travel a lot and tired of actually wasting your time on entangling the cord, then this DIY project is right for you. Design and make a functional cord organizer which is perfect for the travelers. For this you need red or fake leather of around1/4th yard, xacto knife, snap buttons, metal ruler, pencil and matter cutting board. The crafts used in these projects are easily available in stationary. Use your own creativity and make it look more fashionable.

DIY Felt Cable Organizers


With DIY Felt Cable Organizers, you can keep your electronic accessories organized. For accessories like headphone, chargers, and laptop charges, you can expect it to get entangled quite a lot especially while you are travelling. Untangling the cords can be a mess but if you make such type of a DIY project and can make it as a functional organizer on your own then nothing like it. You can put some more of your creditability by adding different colors to it.

DIY Star Wars AT-AT Cable Organizer and Card Holder


This is one of the popular organizers which have been endorsed by Star Wars. You can have a look at the cable organizer with an AT-AT walker or the one with the theme of surge protector. You can buy DIY Kit and make such start wars theme based organizer on its own.

Organizing Cords through dividers


Instead of keeping all the cords in the small media box, if you create an organizer in which each cord is properly kept then you don’t have to fall in the mess of searching for the cord that you always have wanted. Make sections in cardboard boxes and place each type of cable wire under the name of section. Try to either reuse the cable ties for some other purpose or throw the cords that are of no use to you now.

Paper pockets organizers

This type of theme is inspired by the denim jeans pockets for which you can make quite colorful one to hold the cords organized. It is the simplest and the smallest type of organizer which you can keep with yourself.

Binder Clips as Your Simplest Cable Organizer


This is another popular and the easy DIY way to organize the cable plugs. You need a simple binder clip with tabletop that has edges. This will help you manage the plugs like LAN cable and USB connector.

Earphone cord keepers:


This could be a pleasant Christmas gift for your loved ones with the best earphone cord keeper which can save time of untangling the wires before hearing the ear soothing music.

Smart ideas to use technology to de clutter your home

Technology has become the important part of our lives but it equally is responsible for making certain complications. If cords and wires are not well organized it gives an untidy appearance to the home. For this, either go wireless by purchasing wireless sound bar and printer or buy good cord organizers or make it on your own,

Other than cord organizer, inculcate Junk Mail Purge, Out of Sight Charger, Soba Cable Bundler ideas to make your home look neat, tidy and spacious.

There are various unused household items available in our houses, using which we can easily make some useful gadgets.

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