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Ideas to employ when designing a rustic bathroom

by DrPrem Jagyasi

A well-designed and beautiful bathroom is an asset. It’s a wonderful feeling to step into a bathroom that’s charming and elegant, which is why more and more people are opting for rustic bathrooms.The unfinished coarse finish looks stunning. The use of wood and natural elements in rustic bathrooms transports you to a place of peace and rest right inside your own home.



You can decide which type of rustic bathroom style you want. Mountain or cabin style, industrial meets rustic, or rustic French country or lake house rustic. Once you decide upon a style or theme, you can choose the materials required. For a mountain style bathroom, you can use end-cut logs and flat panel cabinets with an integrated sink.

Or you can create your own theme by choosing an interesting or bizarre element and design your bathroom around it. It could be an old skylight or reclaimed French tiles for the floor or an old tree stump you found and polished and used for the sink. Wood, stone, unpainted brick walls can create an artistic look. A combination of wooden cabinets and stone walls looks tasteful and is easy to achieve. Plastered cement too can be used to get that rustic look.

Bathroom Tiles 

Tiles are a great way to give that rustic vibe. The colors are kept close to nature, the colors of wood and stone, and if your bathroom design ideas include the seaside cabins or lakehouse rustic as inspiration, then warm blue tones are perfect.You can accent your rustic industrial bathroom with metallic tiles and tiles with concrete finish. Wooden-look tiles and stone-look tiles come in an amazing variety of colors and materials like ceramic and glazed porcelain.

You can pick earthy colors like browns, greens, autumnal gold and red, natural wood finishes and tiles that look like natural stone. These tilecolors would bring the outdoors into your bathroom.

Granite or stone can be used for the bathroom floor as they are relatively easier to clean than mosaic tiles.

Bathtub, Vanities and Accessories


Choosing every aspect when you are designing your bathroom is interesting. You can choose a clawfoot bathtub or even an austere modern tub sunk into wood or stone. It can be a stand-alone modern tub with the rest of the bathroom displaying your theme. If you have space, you can opt for over-sized vanities, wall-mounted cabinets and medicine cabinets. If space is less, you can go for recessed cabinets or built in cabinets that will give you lots of elbow room.

The material for the cabinets can be wood, distressed wood, wood and metal combination, wood and glass, all depends on your vision. Accessories like cabinet pulls, shower heads and faucets come in a wide range of style, which allows you to express your personality.

Personal Touch

A rustic style bathroom has a vast scope of adding to it your individual style. This can be done using very expensive items or sometimes, next to nothing. Antique bathroom doors and door frames, or old wooden doors will set the tone for your rustic bathroom. You can add a nature inspired landscape painting, if you have extra wall space. Wooden framed mirrors are available in rough textures to give that country feel.

Get your details right down to the basics -toothbrush holders, toilet paper holder, wastebaskets, soap dispensers should be according to your theme. These minute details reflect your individual taste which will make your bathroom stand out from others. If you have extra-countertop space add a vase of flowers or just have a small plant. Your linens too need to be according to the color scheme of the bathroom. Add an element that will provide a relief and contrast to your theme like a woven basket or a rug in warm tones.

You can enjoy a vacation in your own home by just stepping into your bathroom which has the rustic theme as you will enter into a space that is far away from the concrete jungle you are exposed to during the day.

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