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Effectively Removing Cat and Dog Urine Odors from Your Home

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Though you may just love your furry friend, one thing which can be irritating to you and your family are the awful urine odors of your pet. Cleanliness is also important from the point of view of health and hygiene. Therefore, you should make sure that you get rid of these urine odors and here are some easy ways of doing it.

  1. Locate the area of the smell


Before you can start cleaning up the place, you should knowthe spots from where the odoris coming. Check out your pet’s favorite areas like the carpet or the sofa set. You also need to check the tanks,bird cages etc.

  1. Baking soda will clean up your sofas

First, use a vacuum cleaner to clean the surface of the sofa or any other furnishing. Now dab the area with baking soda. Leave it overnight. Next day in the morning again use a vacuum cleaner to clean up the area and get rid of the smell. Clean the area with detergent and a moist cloth.

  1. Detergent can do the trick

A housekeeper on her knees hand washing the floor

In case it is the pillow covers or the bed sheets etc. which are smelly then a good quality detergent can help you out. Add the detergent to lukewarm water and soak the clothes in them for some time. Next, wash them up in your washing machine. This easy method is an easy way of getting rid of the smell from fabrics.

  1. Use white vinegar

Mix equal quantities of white vinegar and water. Transfer this mixture to the affected area. Let it dry totally. Then with the help of vacuum cleaner clean the area thoroughly. White vinegar will not just remove the strong smell but will also disinfect the affected material.

  1. The effervescence of soda

In the case of fresh stains, you can make use of your ordinary club soda. All that you need to do is pour the soda on the affected part. When the effervescence stops pour more soda on the affected area. You may have to repeat the process a number of times in order to get rid of the stain and the smell completely.

  1. Mixture of hydrogen peroxide and detergent

Pour about a 3/4th cup of hydrogen peroxide (3 %) and combine this with detergent. Now apply baking soda on the affected portion and on the baking soda spread the mixture of hydrogen peroxide and detergent. The only precaution that you need to take is to first apply the mixture to a small portion of the fabric or material because in certain cases this mixture may cause discoloration.

  1. The citrus mixture

freshly squeezed lemon juice in small bowl

Make your own citrus enzyme at home which will remove the urine smell and odor at the molecular level. But this solution takes time to set. It is easy to make it. To one liter of water at 7 tablespoons of brown sugar and a mixture of one and half cups of lemon and orange peels. Now fill this mixture in a bottle, cap the bottle and shake the mixture well. Open the cap a little so that the gases are released. Use this mixture for cleaning the stains.

  1. Things to avoid

Some chemicals like ammonia bleach etc. should be avoided. This is because they can be hazardous to you and your pet. Also, always try to clean up the mess at the earliest. Do not leave it to be done later as this can aggravate the problem.

Simple home ingredients can help in getting rid of the stains and odors that your cat or dog leave behind. One thing that you can do to avoid the problem is regular health checkup of your pet and proper training.

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