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Why a New Furnace Might Be the Right Choice This Winter

by DrPrem Jagyasi
Furnace Repair

Toronto winters are cold and you are constantly running your furnace to keep you and your family warm. It is an old unit and it seems like every other week the repairman is ringing your doorbell for furnace repair.

As energy, operating and repair costs for heating systems have continued to rise over the decades, companies who manufacture these units have worked diligently to make their new furnaces last longer and be more efficient during their life cycle.

Their hard work has definitely been paying off with today’s furnaces being many times more efficient that even those sold even a dozen years ago. Manufacturers have focused on a few key areas to make their products work better and longer for you. So if you have been running up bills for furnace repair in Toronto, and your repair professionals are suggesting it, now may be the time to get a new unit. Here are some of the new advances in furnaces.

Better Efficiency

A furnace uses propane, natural gas, or electricity to heat and distribute air throughout a home, relying on supply ducts to transport this heated air. When the furnace is in operation, the fan that distributes heated air also pulls cooler air back to the furnace, to be reheated through a system of return ducts. Each fuel type has its own characteristics.

Natural gas furnaces are the most economical way to heat your home when temperatures drop below freezing point. An oil or propane furnace is a powerful source of heat, but it requires more room for storage, is dirtier than a natural gas furnace, and can be significantly more expensive to operate if oil prices are high. Oil furnaces are used less and less, but remain popular where there are no gas lines. The electric furnace is an alternative to natural gas and furnaces, but they can be a drain on the bank account. A more economical solution is the electric-powered heat pump.

The furnace is a simple, yet advanced piece of equipment that is constantly under heat and air pressure and prone to lowered efficiency. Furnace efficiency is a measurement of how much of the energy put into a furnace converts into heating power for your home

There have been a number of areas that receive attention toward making these units more efficient. For example, the use of computer technology to manage operating controls has been a key cause of efficiency increases.

Better Parts, Custom Features

With the advent of new and custom materials, there is a stark improvement in not just the lifespan of heating systems but also in the quality of their service.

Better Maintenance

Regular furnace maintenance is your insurance against unforeseen problems. It can save you from having to go through cold Toronto winter days and nights. A regularly maintained furnace will often last longer than one that hasn’t. So it is a great idea to stick to a regular maintenance routine as suggested by your furnace installation company. Furthermore, relying on the heating maintenance expert means that your system will run more efficiently, cut down on wasted energy and, ultimately, save you money on your monthly utility costs.

In order to keep a heating system in top shape, there needs to be an effective maintenance schedule and a focus on the right areas during the maintenance. Better trained technicians with access to better tools for diagnosing and repairing systems means better maintenance, more accurate fixes, with less down time.

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