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Your Checklist For Keeping Things Easy When Moving House

by DrPrem Jagyasi

In the wake of a job change, lifestyle change, downsizing or ageing, moving is a necessity. That said, moving is a tedious process entailing time, money, effort and planning. When moving to new pastures, a proactive approach is always desirable. This allows you to streamline your move, minimize stress levels and realize significant savings at the same time. If you wish to know more about ways to make moving a seamless and quibble free affair, go on reading.

Get on with the preparation early

Starting preparations as early as three months will help your cause big time. You have ample time to gather important papers like residency, firearms and vehicle permits, along with passports and other personal documents. You can also utilize the time to do away with unwanted belongings ranging from furniture to electronics and everything in between. You can either put up them for a yard sale or offer the same to family or friends.

In the mean time, you can ask your broadband and TV provider about their willingness to serve in your new location. If the answer is otherwise, you have enough time to find reliable service provider that can get you online as soon as you make the move.

Inform everyone concerned

Informing local authorities, banks, physician and other service providers about your proposed move beforehand will save you from a lot of hassles. Do notify your change in address to utility service providers, such as power, gas, telephone and water for a convenient post-moving experience.

Informing your friends, colleagues and relatives about your new address is always recommended, as it will be easier for them to stay in touch. Since conveying new address to a broad friend circle is tedious, you can feel free to email them individually. Sending printed cards carrying your new address is also an option.

Go for a reliable moving company

A seamless and cost effective move largely depends on the moving company’s credentials. Given the abundance of service providers, you have the difficult task of cutting through the noise and zeroing in on the one suiting your budget and needs. Instead of falling prey to the service providers’ fancy sales pitches and exaggerated claims, conduct a due diligence to ascertain their credentials.

Reach out to friends, colleagues and relatives for references. Browsing the virtual world for references is also a good idea. Once you shortlist service providers, ask for free cost estimates. This will allow you to arrive on educated decisions. Go through the ‘Client Responsibilities’ form that your mover provides you with prior to the deal to avoid unpleasant surprises later on.

Ask your mover for an early visit

Upon entering into a contract, ask the mover to make an early visit to your existing location. The rationale here is to allow the service provider gain insights into the number and dimensions of inventories to be moved. This will allow the mover to plan and implement the process in the best possible manner.  During the visit, providing the mover with a map of your new location is also recommended. The map will help them locate parking and organize access prior to moving.

Be smart with the choice of the day

Individuals often plan their move on bank holidays and Fridays. Since the moving companies have packed schedules on these days, the decision often proves counterproductive. It is always preferable to schedule your move on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday when your mover’s workload is limited. 

Relocating to a new destination should not be cumbersome. Make all essential arrangements well in advance.

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