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Crafty Ways to Organise Your Potting Bench

by DrPrem Jagyasi

When it comes to gardening, a potting bench can often be a gardener’s best friend. With so many different purposes and functions, you often find that potting benches make gardening a whole lot easier, and more enjoyable! There are lots of different potting bench styles available throughout the gardening industry; however, it doesn’t matter how large, small, technical or standard your potting bench is. As long as it has what you need to help you with your gardening projects, it’s just right! Here are some crafty ways in which you can give your potting bench a pop of character, as well as keeping it organised!

Recycled Furniture

Organise Your Potting Bench

For many, a potting bench is something that helps to maintain their gardens, along with potting new plants to plant. Potting benches are usually always created from wood and displayed in a bench style way. If you want to create a really unique, quirky potting bench for your garden then recycling an old wooden piece of furniture is a great way to be both eco-friendly and thrifty. Old dressers or dressing tables are ideal for use as a potting bench. The main feature needed is a large surface area to help you do your potting and other gardening tasks. You can then add essential gardening tools to your potting bench to help with your projects!

Hanging Space

Organise Your Potting Bench

There’s nothing more organised and neat than a selection of hanging gardening tools, ready to be picked up and used. Peg boards are ideal for creating a space for hanging your gardening items on the back of your potting bench. You can organise your tools in size order, order of practicality and even colour coding them if you have enough time to do so! It’s a really simple way to create an organised section that also looks good.

Create Pockets

Organise Your Potting Bench

When you’re carrying out certain gardening projects, there are always small fiddly pieces of equipment that you keep somewhere in your gardening kit in a slightly unorganised mess. By adding some useful pockets to your potting bench, you can start to store small pieces of equipment that might easily get lost and yes, keep them all safe in one place. This will also help to keep your tools organised and ensure you know exactly where things are when you need them!

Stylish Shelving

Organise Your Potting Bench

Whether you use it for displaying your previous planting successes, photographs, or spare plant pots or even just water bottles to keep you hydrated throughout your gardening tasks, shelving is ideal for your potting bench. Adding shelves to your potting bench also adds character to the space you have and makes it a little more interesting. To really spruce up your potting bench and make it a little more personal, why not look at adding some paint to brighten up the shelving or even create your own pattern to add a little detail. This is a great way to make your potting bench more personal and also enable you to have a little fun with it too!

A Place for Rubbish

Organise Your Potting Bench

If you’re able to carry out a gardening task, whether it’s repotting some plants or planting some small seeds without making any mess at all, you are a good gardener. One of the best parts of gardening is getting green fingered and a little muddy, so it’s important to remember to have a space for rubbish by your potting bench. Add some small rubbish bins underneath your potting bench to help you keep on top of rubbish throughout your gardening tasks. You could even dedicate one bin to waste and the other to recycling to help keep your gardening eco-friendly!

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