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Home Improvement: How to Create a Mini Library in Your House

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Storing your books can be a difficult process, with so many different sizes, not to mention whether you choose to display them alphabetically or not. There are actually a number of different ways in which you can display your books in a beautiful way, showing off their delicate spines and detailed covers. Whether you’re a book worm with hundreds of different copies or you’re keen on keeping your collection concise and neat, here are a few pointers to help you create your own mini library to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

Your Reading Style

For many, literature is something that enables them to switch off from the real world and get lost in a story, for others it’s all about teaching them new skills and things that the TV doesn’t tell you. Whatever your reading style may be, it’s important to establish it before you set out on your mini library. If you’re someone who loves all different styles of literature, from fiction to non-fiction, poetry to biography’s, then figure out how you want to have your books ordered. The idea is to have your mini library split into sections to help make it easier for you when you want to find a certain book.

The Right Location

Dependant on the layout of your house, you want your mini library to be in a location that is easily accessible and preferably quiet. Whilst it may seem like the location of your library isn’t really an issue, if you want a space where you can get lost in your novel and switch off then you need the space to be quiet and not in the busiest part of your house. It’s also a good idea to choose an area of your house that you can introduce some seating to, as this will give you somewhere to sit whilst enjoying your book.

Make Measurements

The way you display your books is entirely down to the shape and size of them. Whilst most books come in their standard size and height, you do often find those difficult books that you have to lay on their side to fit them on the shelf, which can eventually become very annoying. If you take a look at the book collection you currently have then you can tailor some shelving units to fit your books sizes perfectly. Whether you have a stylish oak bookcase or you’re creating your own shelving units to fit into a small nook, you can adjust the shelving and ensure you have the perfect space for your whole literature collection.

Aesthetically Pleasing

There’s something very satisfying about walking into a library and being greeted by a selection of books, gathered together in the same area. For your home’s mini library, you want to create a space that is aesthetically pleasing and adds character to your décor. Keeping your books in order of their brand or make is a really good way of making your library flow. Books from publishers such as Penguin Classics are all designed in the same way, which when sat together on the shelf can look really good and stand out perfectly. If you have a selection of larger books, you may want to positon them on the top shelf to enable them to stand properly. Keeping your books in a neat, tidy order will create a welcoming look that will make anyone who sees it want to grab a book and get lost in the words.

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