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Aesthetically pleasing Koolah lamp is easy to assemble

Designed by Carla Cava and Jordi Poblet, the Koolah lamp reminds me somehow of the Collapse lamp by Hayo Gebauer, except for the fact that it doesn’t fall over when it’s turned off. The beautiful lighting fixture aims to put forth the complex object of a lamp in a very simple way. The enticing make of the lamp makes it a perfect addition to any contemporary living spaces. The Koolah lamp draws inspiration from the Enzo Mari’s “Autoprogettazione,” the famous handbook of self design for its inviting design. It’s easy to produce and assemble.

The Koolah project by Den Studio includes two variants of the lamp – floor version (mum koolah) and the table lamp (joey koolah). The only difference between both the lamps is their size. Everything else is same for both the lamp versions. Homeowners can assemble the lamp easily, without the need for any screws or other parts. The assembling process for cable and the lamp holder is equally easy.

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