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How to Get Your Dream Home at Wonderful Location

by DrPrem Jagyasi

The minute you set your eyes on it, you are mesmerized; as soon as you open the gate and enter, you are awestruck by the beauty of the villa. The immaculately maintained lawn, the spacious veranda; one look tells you this is want you wanted.

If you have experienced something similar to what is narrated above, don’t be confused. When you are looking for the possibility of buying a property all for yourself, you are sure to come across several mind-blowing villas available for sale. True, one shouldn’t just get hooked by the title, villas for sale but must have a reasonable understanding about the buying and selling process in Clematis St and the West Palm Beach Waterfront.

Downtown West Palm Beach is best explained as the man made marvel where the tradition co-exists with the modern; the sky kissing modern edifices surround 19th century wind towers; it is not just enchanting, but simply mind blowing.

What one must know

Before embarking on your journey of finding a property in Downtown West Palm Beach area, you must pay attention to some of the most important things;

  • The Grand Esplanade is a sumptuousness condo building situated in the center of Downtown West Palm Beach close to the West Palm Beach Waterfront and Clematis St. Esplanade Grande is providing 63 special luxury properties facing the Palm Beach and Intracoastal with unmatched ocean views.
  • There are no restrictions for expats to either buy or sell properties; the Esplanade Grande boasts of multicultural milieu and encourages expats to come and invest openly.
  • One can buy either off-plan, meaning under construction or newly constructed villas or in the secondary market. The Government offers all categories of properties available for sale. Of course, buying in secondary market also means checking the credentials of the property such as outstanding mortgage dues, if any, ownership details etc.
  • For an expat, borrowing is easy for buying a condo in the Esplanade Grande; however, for the first time buy, one has to provide a margin of 25 percent (for properties less than AED 5 million) to 35 percent (for properties more than AED 5 million) depending on the value of the villa; the rest can be borrowed from banks.
  • Last but not least; you should perfectly and intelligently deal with agents who are not only licensed by the Land Department but also well versed with the local rules and are as passionate about finding the right villa for you as you are. Engage a good agent and also discuss all the details such as brokerage etc. beforehand, though, most of the brokers are likely to have added their commission on the announced price of the villa.

Setting your eyes on the most beautiful villa is one thing; however, you need to make sure that you cross all legal and financial hurdles so that you not only get to enjoy what you set out to buy but also cherish the property for years to come.

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