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4 Home Improvement Ideas That Will Add Value and Pay Off

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Do you want to improve your home and at the same time increase its value so that it pays off if and when you decide to sell it? While there are no guarantees, there are some types of home improvements that consistently allow sellers to recoup most of their investment – or even make a profit on top of it.

Assuming you want to go down that route, here are four home improvement ideas that should be at the top of your list:

Upgrading the kitchen

Giving your kitchen a makeover will add value to your house, but you need to take the right approach if you want it to pay off. To get the most bangs for your buck, you need to make sure the cost doesn’t escalate, and focus on important areas such as flooring, countertops and cabinets.

Replacing the front door

Due to the fact that they are heavily used, front doors eventually tend to look a bit worn and replacing them will immediately add value to a house. Additionally, replacing an old front door can help to make your home more energy efficient by stemming energy loss – which is something that many buyers look for.

Maintaining a home

While this may not technically be an ‘improvement’, investing in maintenance for various areas of your home is bound to pay off. That includes putting on a fresh coat of paint, replacing roofing, carrying out water damage clean up, or anything else that is necessary.

Adding new siding

Curb appeal is a big factor when you’re selling a house, and new siding will help to boost that. Nowadays it is possible to find sidings that are fade-resistant, and their low-maintenance nature is generally preferred by buyers. If your house doesn’t have any siding (or it is old) then adding it can help insulate the house and increase energy efficiency too.

As you may have noticed from the ideas listed above, there is a keen focus on keeping costs down, boosting energy efficiency, and making it low-maintenance. Generally these types of home improvement projects have a much better chance of letting you recoup your investment or make a profit from them – as they are what buyers look for.

While quality is important in any home improvement project, there is a line that should be drawn between ‘good’ and ‘best’. Generally opting for the ‘best’ quality in any type of improvement is bound to inflate its cost – and that will make it much more difficult to recoup the investment. On the other hand ‘good’ quality improvements can be found at more reasonable pricing – which is far more desirable.

Hopefully you now have some idea about the type of home improvements that you’d like to carry out. With the ones listed above as well as the right overall approach, you could add value to your house and at the same time turn it into a much more interesting living space for yourself too.

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