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What are the best flooring options for your living room?

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Giving your living room a makeover is a great way to make the whole house seem fresh and new. It can also lift your mood if you are feeling a bit down after winter. Sometimes, the most simple of changes such as investing in new flooring can heavily improve your house and mood, but it’s imperative to consider which the best type to choose is?

Here are a few ideas on what is the best flooring you can put down along with its pros and cons.


Hardwood can look beautiful in a living room and hallway, especially when nicely finished. However, the cost can be a little high, so refurbishing a large room may be prohibitive, but hardwood can last a very long time; thus, returning your investment.

Maintenance wise, they require very little except vacuuming and mopping a few times a month. There are guides such as the one on wikiHow that will tell you how best to look after it. The downside, however, is they can be loud to walk on, and you have to avoid having standing water on the floor as this ruins the wood.


Like hardwood, laminate is a great option for high traffic areas because it is very durable. It will not scratch very easily, and it is easy to clean as well. You can get many designs now that look like different types of wood. You can even get some that do not look like wood at all, but more like a stone.

Standing water is also the enemy of laminate flooring, so be careful about leaks. It can also cause damage to the edges of the board over time which cannot be repaired.


Many homes in hot climates use tiles for their floor because they stay nice and cool during the summer. Tiling has many benefits including easy cleaning, non-staining, and high durability. If the unthinkable does happen and one of the tiles gets cracked, it can be an easy task to remove and replace it.

Tiles can be very slippery if you choose marble or another smooth type, and this is worse if it gets wet. Tiles can also be expensive, especially for a large area, so you should keep this in mind. Laying tiles can be a lengthy and tiring job, so you might want to find a tradesmen who can offer you a quote to lay the tiling for you.


For warmth and comfort, carpet is the best option. However, it can have drawbacks. Despite how much you vacuum, there will always be trapped dirt in the pile of the carpet, so you should clean it regularly. It can also affect those with allergies, so it is best to avoid if you think it will affect you.

Carpet is a very cheap option compared to the other flooring, and even the best quality can be less expensive than tiling.

There are other types of flooring you can consider, such as cork or vinyl, both of which are cost effective. You need to choose your flooring based on your requirements and those of the family.

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