Lucite coffee table makes gorgeous geometric reflections with light

If you are on the hunt for some classy and sturdy coffee table for your living room, you might want to consider the Lucite coffee table being offered by Cain Modern. Custom made and signed by the artist, the Lucite coffee table features three thick Lucite sheets that weigh in at around 400 pounds. The best thing about the Lucite coffee table is that these three Lucite pieces can be arranged in various position to meet your requirements. The bottom layer of the table is made from solid wood and has been adorned with marble-like finish with gold, silver leaf inlay.

Perfect for a big living room or some commercial space, the 20th century Lucite coffee table comes from a Huge Palm Springs house. The ingenious shape of the Lucite allows light to create striking geometric reflections as in case of diamonds. The middle tower in the table has been shaped like a pyramid. Priced at a cool $35,500, only one Lucite coffee table is available for sale.

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