Bad Habits That are Killing Your Home Decor

Sometimes we feel that our home is not good enough and not well decorated, no matter what we do. What we overlook is that it it could be that we are doing something wrong. Let us look at what we might be doing wrong and what we must not do.

Toilet Rug Idea

Most of us place a rug around or very close to it the western toilet. Sometimes they are even cut to fit around. It spoils the rug and the look. Instead, place a rectangular rug a little away from the base of the toilet. It will save your bathroom decor and the rug.

Cluster of photos

If you are a photo person, it must be very hard to give them up for sentimental reasons. So do not clutter them on the tabletop. For a better look, make a photo gallery on an empty wall. Arrange them in a pattern and you can even fill the wall with photos. You have the photos and the look both.

Do not ignore the entrance

Entrance is a very important place. It creates the first impression of you and your house. So do not keep it plain. Add wallpapers, colors, mirrors, or paintings to accentuate the foyer. Make it as lively as it can, you will feel the difference in your house.

Bare clustered cables

Every one of us has uncovered cables lying around in the house. Moreover, we cannot disagree that they spoil the look of our house. So organize them properly and hide them cleverly from the view. You can always find many ways of hiding such cables. Also, keep the unused cables out of the view.

Outdated and similar decor

Putting outdated decor and setting up the room in similar patterns or same print gets tacky and overwhelming.  Add accents to your home and try to stay updated with the trend and style. Use lesser prints and try to complement and contrast.

Mistakes of furniture

Often we make the mistake of arranging the furniture lopsided. We must arrange the furniture neatly and in a balanced way. If the sofa has heavy bottom, do not keep the heavy coffee table. Instead, add a long side lamp or thin glass centre table. In addition, too many furniture are always a spoiler.

Get rid of the unwanted

It is very important that you remove all the things that you do not want in your house. They are useless and create clutter. They only take space and spoil the look of your house. Donate or sell it at OLX and similar sites. It will create some space in your home making it look a little more spacious.

Take care of comfort

Uncomfortable chairs or sofas and too much of furniture spoil the entire decor. Make sure your chairs and sofas are comfortable and the height of your furniture are rational and proper. Comfort is an important factor in decor and furnishing.

Storage ideas

Open storage looks tacky and overloaded. Visible storing makes the decor miserable, no matter what attempts you do. Use hidden storages. There are many ways you can hide the storage. You can also use closed cupboards for a neat storage idea.

Go with the lived-in look

We often try to create the look right out of a magazine or catalogue. In the way, it comes up as a disaster because those Delores are meant for giving an idea. It is not the way people generally live. So, electrically design your room and add the colors and things that interest you.


It is important that you give your house a personalized touch. Get out of sight everything that is spoiling the decor. Change your habits and try not to copy a catalogue design. Links used

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