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Small Bathroom – Great Imagination

by DrPrem Jagyasi

When the master bathroom has limited space, most of us tend to give up before even trying to sprucing it up. Are you one of them or are you ready for a challenge? Don’t worry, you’re not alone – we’ll provide a few ideas on what you can add or eliminate from your small bathroom to make it, not only bigger, but extremely stylish, as well.

Turn the walls into mirrors

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You’ve already probably heard a thousand times that mirrors are lifesavers in tiny rooms, as they reflect light and visually deepen the space. Still, note that they need to be placed strategically – putting one above the vanity is practical in many ways, but it’s also advisable to hang one over the entire wall, preferably opposite of the window so that you get more natural light, as well as from the metal fixtures.

A wall mounted toilet and vanities

Even if you do have enough space to build a toilet tank, you might still want to consider a wall mounted toilet that will save legroom and space. This way you get more space on the wall to add a shelf and thus create much needed storage.

So what goes well with a wall mounted toilet? A matching sink, of course. These, as well, are perfect when you need more floor space. If needed, you can add a wall mounted vanity below the sink to store all cosmetic products that you use on a daily basis.

Creative storage

If you still lack storage space, don’t opt for more vanities or massive cabinets, but go for additional shelves instead. We’ve already mentioned adding one above your toilet, so why not above the tub as well? Furthermore, you can always add a vanity with mirrored doors above your sink – this way you kill two birds with one stone.

Space-saving bathtub


When they’re struggling with the lack of space, people usually chose to get rid of their old tubs and install a shower cabin. Although this might seem like the most practical solution, those who enjoy long relaxing baths might not find it the ideal one.

For instance, you can simply get rid of a shower curtain and install glass door for your tub, thus opening up the space a bit (while making it look more elegant as well). If you’re ready for a bit bigger redecoration process, you can consult with an architect and see whether there’s a possibility of installing one of those in-wall stone bathtubs that will make your entire master bathroom look uniquely chic.

Frameless showers

Let’s rewind to a shower curtain for a moment – it’s the first thing we reach out for, but the fact is, we hate them. They are incredibly difficult to clean and are somehow always sticking to us, which makes showering that much unpleasant. That’s why we propose swapping it for a frameless glass panel that will allow more light into your bathtub. These glass panels are quite easy to install and maintain, but avoid the sliding ones, since the bottom and top tracks can be extremely difficult to clean, and as such become a source of many bacteria.

Pocket doors

Consider substituting in-swinging doors for pocket ones. In order to install them, you’ll have to open your wall, but you’ll get almost 10 square feet you didn’t have before, and you’ll get more flexibility when deciding how to organize other bathroom utilities. Despite being extremely practical, pocket doors are still not a widespread bathroom design trend, so you would be among the first to implement it.

Do you have any ideas you’ve implemented into your bathroom you’d like to share with us? Please do so in the comment section!

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