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Tips and precautionary measures when you are spring-cleaning your house

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Spring is the time when the days are longer. This makes cleaning easy especially when you have to deal with stale air, dust and carpet stains that have built over the past few months or weeks. This is the time when a person can also leave the windows open for a longer time and revitalize the house. Using herbal or eco friendly cleaning products will help you in making your house clean as well as in taking care of any health concerns.

Mentioned below are some tips to help you when you are doing a spring cleaning for the house


  • Keep all the necessary things that you would need when you are cleaning. This would be the cleaning material, boxes, markers, pen, and paper.
  • Allot the work to every member of the family; if you have kids along with you, you can make teams. This will help to complete the work faster.
  • Mark the boxes to make it easy for you to know what goes where. For example, if there are things that you can throw out, consider donating them instead.
  • Ask everyone to make a list of the stuff taken out from each room so that it becomes easy to understand.
  • Keeping a track of things that are completed will be helpful. You can clean in a systematic way, starting from the insides of the cupboards, shelves, or cabinets and then working your way from the top to the bottom. Even outside, you can start by cleaning the fans, ceiling, lights and the top portion of the walls and work your way down.
  • While doing the spring-cleaning for the house, wipe the furniture after you have done cleaning. Start with the top portion and then finally the floor.
  • Before you start to clean, ensure that you take out the unnecessary things. This will make it easy for you to throw out what is not needed.
  • Finish the rooms first, and then go over to the hall and the kitchen.


  • If you have to repair anything, this would be a perfect time to go ahead and do so. Before calling the experts, make a list of things that need repairs. If there is something that you can do by yourself, then go ahead and do it.
  • Now that you have done the inside of the house, the next will be the exteriors. Again when you are doing that, make sure that you have all the necessary materials that you would need in order to clean your house. This would include cobweb removers, cleaning the windows etc.
  • Make sure that you have all the tools and gardening equipment needed to do the lawn.
  • When it comes to the garage, it can be a challenge; this is because of the number of things we keep on storing and collecting over the years. Stack the things that you do not need on one side before you start your home spring-cleaning.
  • If you have too many equipments, check which ones would really come in handy and which are not required.
  • Keep small things in a box instead of leaving them scattered. This is essential as your work becomes easier. It also helps you to remember where you have stored your things.

Though home spring-cleaning can be a real task, you can take a few precautionary measures that are helpful in various ways

  • Wear comfortable clothing while cleaning.
  • Cover your hands by wearing gloves. Make it a point to also cover your nose and mouth with a mask. For your hair, you can use a cap, a shower cap or even tie a cloth in the form of a bandana. This is important, as you will be dealing with a lot of dust and dirt and even chemicals, which are harmful to your health.
  • When you are cleaning, it would be advisable to keep the kids and pets away from the house.
  • Cleaning products play a vital role; it is advisable to choose herbal or eco friendly cleaning products since they are better than the chemical ones.

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