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Make Hay (and Buy Oil) While the Sun Shines!

by DrPrem Jagyasi
home heating oil prices

Right now, the last thing on your mind is winter and turning on the heating. All you’re thinking about is the long summer ahead, with your kids off school and a fancy holiday coming up.

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However, savvy oil buyers know that the best time to fill up their oil tank is right now. It really does pay to think ahead in this case, as home heating oil is at its cheapest. The prices of oil are in constant flux as it’s an industry and a resource that’s acutely affected by rise and fall in demand as well as by political events and currency exchange rates.

One fluctuation that has been constant (if there is such a thing…) is that oil prices always fall during the summer. No matter what’s happening on the world stage, demand certainly falls and as a result, even the prices fall.

The early bird catches the warmest worm (ahem…)

The earlier you buy (although this doesn’t mean January) the cheaper you’ll find it to fill your tank. Even if there is a bit of a price spike over the summer, you have three or four months to spread out your costs so that you are all prepared for that first frost.

These spikes don’t happen often though, and so as soon as summer rolls around, you should check your oil levels in the tank and start thinking about how much you need to order. Not only will you get to take advantage of the seasonal discount, but bulk buying might also save you quite a bit. Everyone’s been caught out at least once by a last-minute November panic-buy, and it’s not something you’ll want to repeat!

If you’re still feeling the pinch

If buying a full (or nearly full) tank of oil in one go seems too daunting, it’s worth asking about part payments over the summer, before the oil is finally delivered in late October or November. Some suppliers have a monthly payment scheme that’ll let you spread the cost, while some areas have financial assistance schemes to help you.

Chat to your neighbours

home heating oil prices

If you use heating oil, chances are your neighbours do as well, so why not arrange to get your oil supplies delivered at the same time? This will save a lot on the delivery costs for the supplier, which they should pass on to you. If this isn’t an option for you, then contact your supplier to see if your order can be placed at the same time as others in your local area, as this has the same effect.

Warmer weather means fewer delays

Cold, rain, snow and icy roads all make deliveries much more difficult and slower. Sometimes roads are blocked and so your oil is delayed by a few days – just when you need it most! Ordering your supplies in the summer, when the roads are clear and the deliveries can be more spaced out makes perfect sense. What are you waiting for? Not that first frost, surely!

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