by DrPrem Jagyasi

Purchasing a new home is a major milestone in most people’s lives. Whether you are building your very own custom home or purchasing a fixer-upper on the open market, there is plenty you’ll want to do with the home once you’ve moved into it. Depending on the condition, size, and nature of the home, you may have dozens of potential projects to consider.

Unfortunately, there are many mistakes home owners can make when considering a new renovation project. In order to save your money, time, and frustration, we’ve put together a list of five home renovation ideas and mistakes that you should certainly avoid if you are currently considering a doer-upper.

Skimping on Materials


When the conversation moves from “what are closing costs?” to “what materials do I need to redo the kitchen?” you are not likely to have people surrounding you with an easy answer. Most home renovation projects require new materials. The biggest mistake many people make is of thinking that renovations can be conducted on the cheap. While in some cases this is true, the general rule is that you get what you pay in terms of materials. Consult with professionals when it comes to selecting materials so that your entire project doesn’t go south quickly.

Over-Modernizing the Feel of the Home

Some homes may need a bit of TLC. Others may have an older look to them that simply doesn’t jive with today’s tastes. For the exact same reason that you are considering a renovation, be careful about renovating with modern tastes in mind. Ultimately, your home may be on the market again – with you selling it – and others may find your previously-modern design to be something that dates the house. Consider opting for more classic design ideas instead that do not date the home.

Opting for Aesthetics Over Necessity

Many older homes are going to need renovations. Unfortunately, it may not be immediately obvious where those renovations are necessary. Before you start remodeling kitchens and renovating bathrooms, consider how other more crucial elements of the home may need some work. For instance, homes that are several decades old may need new electrical wiring and plumbing. Be sure that you have thoroughly assessed all critical infrastructures in your home before spending your renovation budget on aesthetic fixes.

Ignoring the Permit Process

In many jurisdictions, permits are required for a variety of home remodeling and improvement projects. Failure to acquire the proper permits for this kind of work may not only jeopardize your standing with the law but it can also prevent your homeowner’s insurance from covering any damages. Additionally, your property’s assessed value will not reflect the improvements that have been made, which can dampen your asking price if you ever sell.

Hiring the First Contractor You Meet


All too often, the worst home renovation stories originate from faulty contractor work. If you don’t have the skills to perform the renovations yourself, then you’ll need the help of a contractor. There are many, many contractors to choose from in most cities, meaning that you’ll be able to carefully consider who you hire. Just make sure that you follow-up, check references, read testimonials from other customers and ultimately make the best decision. Otherwise, it could be a costly nightmare.

There are many different, fantastic ideas for remodeling or renovating a new home. Some mistakes, however, can be truly costly and should be avoided at all costs. Now that you know what to avoid, you’ll be better prepared to navigate the difficulties of remodeling.

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