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6 Ideas To Help Your Home Get More Storage Space

by DrPrem Jagyasi
Get More Storage Space

The longer we live in our homes, the more clutter we seem to gather. Eventually you have so many things that there just isn’t room to store it all. The house becomes cluttered, and can leave you wondering what to do with all of the stuff you’ve gathered. If you have been having this issue, and you want to get your home organized a little bit, here are some great ideas that will help to give your home some more storage space.

Clean Out The Clutter


The first thing you should do is clean out anything you don’t need. Take a weekend to go through all of your junk, and separate it into piles – one for things you’re going to keep, one for things you’re going to throw away, and one for things you want to donate. Organizing a home is a lot simpler when you have less things, so this should be your first step. As you go along you may feel like your home is actually getting messier, but just stick with it, and by the end of the process you’ll feel a lot better.

Purchase Storage Tubs

Before you put everything back to where it was, consider getting yourself some storage tubs. Tubs are great for putting in loose items and things that you don’t need every day – like seasonal clothing or decorations. You can even stack them to give yourself more space. Just be careful not to fill each tub with too much stuff, or you’ll find that you have a hard time lifting it, or getting out something when you need it. Also plan out where you plan to keep these tubs, as you want to make sure they fit before you buy them.

Put Up Shelving

Another option is to add more shelves to your home. Shelving allows you to store things vertically, rather than horizontally along the floor. Shelving is great in places like your basement or garage, as you are likely short on space but have plenty of things that need to go down there. Shelving can also be used around the rest of the home to display things like picture frames. When you’re going to use shelving for storage however, make sure they are sturdy enough to hold the weight, and that they are securely fastened to the walls.

Add A Shed To Your Yard

If your home has the space outside, consider putting up a shed. A shed is a great place to store things that you typically use outside, such as a lawn mower or garden tools. If these items are currently in your garage, it allows you to move them outside while still storing them safely. There are plenty of different options out there when it comes to sheds, so you’ll have to decide between a wood shed or a metal shed, and also what size you want and what color. Once it’s up though, you’ll be able to clear out some space in the garage, and maybe even pull your car in there.

Look For Ways To Reorganize

It’s not always possible to create more space, so you’ll have to work with the space you have. Take a look at how you are currently storing things, and see if there is a better way you could be doing it. For instance, here are some tips for maximizing your pantry space. Or, you could try an innovative idea for storing your books like this. You might need to think outside the box a little bit, but you will be surprised at how well you can store things already if you just move things around a bit.

Rent A Storage Locker

Finally, when all else fails, consider renting a storage locker. Storage lockers are great for things that you want to keep, but that you don’t have a need for. Some great things to put into storage lockers are old furniture, photos albums, and appliances. Storage lockers are safe, and reasonably affordable. Just be sure you get the right size to hold all of your things, but that isn’t so big that you are paying for extra room you don’t need.

Organize Now, Benefit Later

Getting yourself organized is something that will have benefits for a long time to come. By looking for ways to give yourself more storage space, you make your home neater, and more enjoyable to live in. Hopefully, the ideas above were able to get you started, and you’ll be able to come up with a plan to get your home organized.

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