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SHADE Lamp presents a slim, practical and stylish design

Reviving the traditional lamp, Swiss designer Björn Ischi has designed a minimal lamp, called the “SHADE,” to perk up modern living spaces. Removing all switches or button from the surface for a clean design, the chic lamp just requires a gentle tap on the “light bulb” to turn it in/off and even control the illumination. The lamp comes with a true recognition value and universality to impress one and all by reinstating the childhood memories.

Made using 24mm strong Aluminum to eliminate the spacious cooling system for the light bulb, the timeless lamp comes equipped with modern, energy efficient LED technology which makes it elegant and at the same time sustainable. Presenting a slender and stylish shape, the mysterious lamp shade creates a cozy, comfortable environment to set the mood.

Featuring a flexible design to meet the personal needs and liking of different users, the SHADE can not only be used as a standard table lamp or pendant lamp, but can also be used as a wall lamp and floor lamp to complement modern, elegant spaces. Available in a variety of colors and materials, the sustainable lamp neatly incorporates all the technical elements to maintain a clean and graceful look.

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Source: Raumundkunst

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