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Sasa Clock asks us to relax and let the time flow

Creativity knows no bounds and London based designer Thorunn Arnadottir justifies the same with her innovative Sasa Clock, which tells time in an unusual, artistic way. Bringing earliest African concepts of time to our modern lifestyle, the Sasa Clock inspires users to loosen up and let the time flow. Sasa means “What is now” in African Kiswahili culture. You can read the time from the color-coded necklace, in which each bead stands for 5-minute increment. After every five minutes, a bead goes down the cord. While the orange bead stands for hours, the gold and silver beads represent noon and midnight. The blue beads represent minutes and the last bead to have dropped tells the time.

When you want to stop the time, you can simply take the beads out and wear them as a necklace. The Sasa Clock is available at Spark Design Space for $430.

Via: Core77

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