Touchscreen 9000T Water Ionizer makes water better for drinking

No matter how clean and fresh the water flowing from your tap appears to you, it carries a number of acids and microbes that are harder for the body to absorb, increasing the risk of waterborne diseases. Providing a solution, TyentUSA has come up with hi-tech water ionizer dubbed the “9000T” that controls the PH level and acids of the water (with the TURBO Function) according to the requirement of the user.

Presenting 9 big plates with over 375 watts of power, the chrome finished water ionizer offers automatic water supply with seven-color back lights.  Strapping a touchscreen interface, resembling an iPhone, to the faucet, the new water ionizer gives verbal description of different functions, while the color-coded guide indicates the current PH level of the water. Indicating the water temperature with a blue/red LED indicator, the 9000T comes with an automatic cleaning function to ensure complete hygiene. Priced at around $3000, the Tyent water ionizer comes with a Lifetime Guarantee of performance and satisfaction.

Via: Gizmodo

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