Award-winning Umbra coffee table by Jasna Mujkic

Designed by Jasna Mujkic for Rukotvorine, the Umbra coffee table is the winner of Interior Innovation Award 2012, one of the most prominent awards of the furnishing sector launched in 2002 by IMM Cologne. Made from small pieces of walnut wood, the Umbra table is an upshot of designer’s love with the Penrose tiling. The tabletop has been made by joining small Penrose Prototiles, which are christened after renowned British mathematician Sir Roger Penrose who discovered it in the ‘70s. The structural pattern of the Umbra coffee table makes the top appear to be flowing like a river. The image looks like the scattered shade of a tree. The walnut wood used to make the table comes from the leftover during furniture production. The best part about the Umbra is that it’s easy to dismantle for transportation.

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