High tech Kitchen Board by David Stuttard for Electrolux

Designed for Electrolux with an aim to deliver a fuller sensory experience, the Kitchen Board by David Stuttard offers an engaging way to weigh and prepare food. While weighing the food on its ceramic display board very precisely, you can also browse through the recipes and tutorials. In the tutorial mode, the Electrolux Kitchen Board projects a holographic cutting guide to provide an interactive and stimulating cooking experience. When the best angle is reached, the audio point of reference that comes with the cutting guide notifies you of the same with a sound.

The kitchen board uses a touchscreen to navigate through the options and the users can connect to the internet wirelessly to access the recipes. Moreover, you can analyze and compare the food to improve on nutritional front. Underneath the ceramic board surface is an OLED display that offers the information through the board. The components have been joined together using nano technology fixing tape.

The circuit board has twin processor chips, power source, twin holographic simulation units and the fiber optic unit. All the electric components have been placed in the right handle. The Electrolux Kitchen Board comes with a durable silicon coated base that prevents the board from slipping.

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