Home Furniture Console Alpage brings mountains to your living space

Console Alpage brings mountains to your living space

Conceived by Marcel&Raymond (Pierre Stadelmann AND Elise Remond), the “Console Alpage” is a versatile table that gives a whole new meaning to the home furniture.  Presenting a sculptural design, the creative table pops out three abrupt mountains from the straight lines to give it an artistic look. These mountains not only enhance the aesthetics of the table, but also breed the functional use, as users can place their books, magazines and newspapers elegantly within the wood layers.

Made using two birch multiply panels, obtained from sustainably cultivated forests, the Console Alpage table also provides a “hold-all” storage space at the bottom of mountains, where you can store your small yet essential objects, such as keys, lighters, screws, coins, etc. The sustainable table also features a groove that splits it into two parts to create a docking station for geeks where they can charge their portable gadgets like Smartphones, cameras and tablets.

Designed keeping the multifunctional use in mind, the Console Alpage can be placed virtually everywhere, a lobby, living room or kitchen, in the home. The utility table is currently in the development phase which will soon be available between €750 and €1000 on L’Edito.

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